It’s Been A While This I Know

I will definitely catch everyone up on my extended break, however, right now I am working on a few assignments for school and would like to get them turned in pretty early than my usual endeavors. Nothing tragically awful happened, per say. If you would like to count my own personal feelings towards the matter then something tragic DID happen, to me, emotionally. Like I mentioned sometime a while back, I’m an opened book. Have to start thinking like this if I actually want to make it in the limelight, sometime in the way far future. Anyways, until I get everything nicely blogged down, please take a gander at this awesome writing quote I found. WritingPerfectionThis says a lot about one of those problems I had. I couldn’t write. Or to put it more in terms, I didn’t want to. For a while I felt that way. One of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging. I have been going through the motions trying to get myself to pick up a pencil or pen or type on my keyboard. It was struggle. But, I am over it. Crawled up the hill, over the hump, and down to the promise land that is writing. I’ve been trying to figure out the direction of my complex story, Tellus. I say it’s complex, because after two years even I haven’t figured out the direction where I want the story to lead. So, I decided to put everything to the side. The organizing, the researching, the outlining, everything, and just write. Keep writing until I feel the story has come to a decent stopping point. That’s about the best way I can look at it. I also stopped typing it and went for the more traditional method, pencil and paper. I found it much easier and less intimidating. I’m not the best speller and seeing those red squiggly lines under every misspelled, or blue for the grammatically incorrect, word or sentence is just torture. Since the change I’ve made so much progress and it’s easier if I need to make some quick adjustments. Most the time I sticky note a section or cross out and highlight a sentence or word. Better for the eyes too! Ah, I’ve said more than I wanted with this post. Oh, well. It sure is glad to be blogging again. Felt like I left out a part of me all this time and now I am complete.

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