Writing By Candle Light

A good ol’ thunderstorm just knocked out my electricity. Thank you #Oklahoma. It literally struck the pole right behind my house in a big flash. It’s kind of funny, because me and Jackson were just talking about how our house and several others would be screwed if something were to happen to it. Now, look what happened.

When the lightning struck, a loud boom followed behind it that woke up Leah, whom I had rocked to sleep less than five minutes ago, and had Shawne clinging to my leg. Honestly, even I jumped. We knew it was going to rain and have a little thunderstorm, but never something like this.

This was unpredictable. I guess this is one of those times why you must always prepare in advance, because it so unpredictable. Well, I’m going to go ahead in pat myself on the back. Just by luck we had a hand full of single candles. The problems was, we had no holder… Or did we? *lifts eyebrow and smirks*

This is what my Fiancé and I quick thinking came up with to use as holders.

Creativity at it’s finest 😊😎🌈❇


3 Comments on “Writing By Candle Light

  1. Well it’s been 4 hours since you posted so I hope they’re back on. We (Tennessee) had on and off raining with light thundering. Lights stayed on but the rain did leaked through my apartment’s gym and now it maybe shut down this whole week. I am pissed. This morning I burnt 800 calories on the treadmill. And now this. 😔

    • No, our lights are still off. I’m hoping they turn back on before I go into to work this evening. And oh, wow, that is crazy. Rain leaked through the roof, I hope the equipment is okay. You burned 800 calories just on a treadmill that’s impressive. I would be upset to if I was on the roll you are on.

      • When I went back down there last evening that’s when I saw the water on the treadmill.

        Well at least it’s daylight. Hopefully by night they’re back on.

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