Mother’s Day Call Out

Title: Endowed

Location: Neighbor’s Yard

Date Taken: May 4, 2015

Photographer: K.S. Norton

Lens: Nokia Lumia Refocus

I wrote this right after my last post but needed to tweak a few things here and there.

The day before Mother’s Day, after work, I swear I was hit by some kind of moody bug. I put on my hoodie, sat in front of computer and refused to communicate with anyone beside those virtually. I’m not sure what came over me (and no, it is not my time of the month). I just wanted to be alone and write. I didn’t care what I wrote; be it assignments for class, my blog, or my own writing, I just wanted to write. Turns out I had a lot of pinned up negativity that needed to be unleashed. My best friend, the one who bought me the lovely lilies from my previous post, called and stated that she was coming over. Not really stated, more like demanded. Said she felt my need to communicate on a deeper level, she was right. However, it was like nine p.m. at that time.  Now, this is a big deal because I had to work in the a.m. and I still kind of wanted to sit in front of my computer with my hoodie pulled over my head and just write. It relaxes me. But, at the same time I do need some girl time with my bestie, (yes, I used the word bestie. With this particular person she will always be called bestie even well into our seventies and nineties. I guess it’s one of those attached labels that never really go away even if you get older. Can you picture two elderly ladies in the grocery market laughing and saying, “Bestie, you don’t need all that sugar it’ll go straight through you”. I for one, find that quiet hilarious and am looking forward to my golden age.)

Back to the real reason of this post. I think I’m pretty blessed. Not a lot of people can say they have a friend that is as close as we are. I’m not bragging and if I sound like I am, my bad. I don’t mean to, seriously. With everything we have been through it’s a miracle we are still close the way we are. Which brings me to my next special person–J. We have been together for about romance. We are still growing, but the day before Mother’s Day (close to around midnight of the following morning) I was reminded why I fell in love with him. I usually don’t do any of the sappy love thing because in reality I am not good at it. But he wrote something on one of his social media that stole my heart and I would like to share it with you guys. Bare in my mind that our perspective of lovey dovey might be different from the norm.

Looks like I don’t get mother’s day with my fiancé I was hoping to make her a nice dinner and a bath then watch a movie bc I was gonna say this at midnight but fuck it. My fiancé maaaaan let me tell you she’s one hell of a mom and wife. If it wasent for her I wouldn’t be on the right path nor would I have two great smart kids o and not to mention my boy handsome lil man n my lil princess is a spittin image of a beauty…..her mom. Babe I love you and always will stay bein a great mom to our kids.

See, isn’t that gushy and awesome (in its own unique writing format)?

He went even further.

My Mother’s Day went as followed:

I went to work around eleven a.m. central time and wasn’t supposed to get off until around nine that night. However, my awesome boss had someone cover my second shift so I could spend Mother’s Day with my family. I think I kind of freaked her out by how big I was smiling. I have high cheekbones and big pinchable cheeks. You can imagine my smile then, right? My dad came to pick me up and we had some father and daughter time while we shopped around the grocery store. He pretty much told me how old he was getting and his many (minuscular) problems he had with my mom. Typical seasoned relationship stuff. While J cooked me a nice tender pork roast dinner with mashed potatoes and salad, I soaked in a soothing bubble bath with my daughter. We had a bubble fight and watched some anime on my tablet that was stationed (far away) from the tub. My day ended with my son falling asleep earlier without his usual cry to stay up and my daughter cuddling beside me. Oh! I got a foot rub too by J and big kiss from son, Shawne 🙂 My Mother’s Day was pretty special and I enjoyed every bit of it. How was your Mother’s Day? Did you make your mother special or did you get the special day?

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