A New Header!

I’m going to make this quick because I spent way too much time designing instead of writing. I have a few assignments I want to do before I call it a night. I’ve updated the header, again. If you are reading this before I update it, wait at least thirty seconds. I tired to combine all my passions into one. What are your thoughts? Does it resonate with the feel of dark and beautiful? That’s kind of the theme I was going for. Most of the photos are taken by me, especially the center piece photo of the roses. They grow in my backyard 🙂 I purposely left the light boxed, in hopes to demonstrate a more design aspect rather than an enhanced photo.

Also check out the side bar to the right, I added a matching photo clip, not sure if I am using the appropriate term here, of my family, who I’ll be talking more about. J, my fiancé, granted me permission to use his alias so I’ll be calling him Jackson instead of J. I know a lot of people like to keep most of their life hidden as possible but I love to share, so there. As my babies and I grow, I’ll update the photos as well. Who knows, by then my theme might change. And that’s all for now, guys… Wait.

I have something on my chest that I will like to release. My son, Shawne, has so-called made friends with three or four older girls than him. The thing is, they all take advantage of him one way or the other. The oldest one just wants to play his gaming systems and the others come around for his sister. Whenever he tries to speak to them, which I have observed, they ignore him.

I’m not necessarily a mean parent but I am stern, and I believe in loyalty and being true to people. I know they are children and he will have to learn who’s his real friends are, but I’m not going to sit around and allow these girls to push him around in MY house. So, I had a LONG talk with my son, trying to break it down in terms that he can understand what was happening. Of course he thought I was being mom and shrugged it off. As I’m typing this I’m rolling my eyes on the fact. Kids will be kids, I guess. That felt good to say, have a good day everyone!

15 Comments on “A New Header!

  1. On app so I can’t see the header but will let you know my feedback soon.

    That stuff about your son pisses me off. I don’t get what you mean by coming around for his sister 😡😡😡

    • Thanks looking forward to your feedback.

      Well, they’ll come over and say they want to play with my son, but flock around his two year old sister. Another example: We can take a walk as a family and happen to see them and they’ll acknowledge my daughter and act like my son doesn’t even exist.

      Yeah, you can see how it curdles my blood.

      • On my laptop now. Had a feeling your header was gone be flowery. lol. Have to say you are brave posting pics of your family. I think you deserve a better theme. One that suits your love of writing and gardens. This theme seems too dark for you. Like the background. I see you almost done with Tellus too. Hooray!

      • Thanks! I’m in the middle of rewriting it now. I’m so glad you mentioned the dark part. I chose a dark theme because most of writing is dark. I usually write dark fantasy or psychological or horror. I wanted to add the flowers since I’m always taking pictures of them. I do love flowers lol. Those particular ones grows in my backyard, which is pretty cool.

      • Hmm…you mean story wise? Because I haven’t read anything dark from you.

      • Yes, definitely story wise. I’m not one to talk about the dark side of life lol at least not on purpose.

      • Really? I would love to check it out. There’s a couple of chapters of a story called One Mind and Two Names. You can find it on the tab above the header.

      • I’ll check it out later. Right now I’m busy on YouTube lol. It’s a subreddit on Reddit called No Sleep. It’s dedicated to scary stories. I wrote one in that style and will continue. It’s called I Killed My Mom (Liveblog).

      • Okay. There are 4 categories on my blog. Click on Episodes. Last one I wrote.

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