Mother’s Day | An Unexpected Call

Title: Appreciation Between Best Friends

Location: Bought for Mother’s Day from best friend

Date Taken: May 9, 2015

Photographer: K.S. Norton

Lens: Nokia Lumia Refocus

Afternoon or should I say, night (I originally wrote this post before going to work around noon today and didn’t have the time to post it)!

I am back and going to try and stay active as much as possible. I haven’t gotten long today (I have plenty of time now), so I am going to make this as quickly as possible.

As we know, tomorrow is Mother’s Day. So, Happy Mother’s Day to all my lovely mothers. I have to work tomorrow, pretty much the entire day. I’m not going to enjoy the day as much as I would like, but hey, this isn’t the first year something like this has happened. Yesterday my bestie (best friend is girl code) surprised me at my place of work with flowers and a card. Yay! I feel special starting off with mother’s day weekend. She knew how much I love flowers, especially since I got my phone. I have been taking pictures like crazy.


Zoom in on card. Ain’t I special 🙂

Created with Nokia Refocus

Created with Nokia Refocus

On a serious note, I will go almost anywhere to take a picture of a really pretty flower, even trespass into a neighbor’s yard. I’m not a bad woman or anything. There are certain I feel like I have to take because the next gust of wind or down pour and that flower is no longer standing as vibrant it was the day before. Almost all my neighbors are cool with me trespassing (I sound like a criminal 😥 ) Although, some still disagree on the idea of some unknown woman bent over in their rose bush or harden with her phone while her two year old shouts, “Mama it pretty. Take picture” over and over again. Honestly, I’ve got caught, at least three times. They were understanding after they noticed I wasn’t there to break into their house or plan an elaborate break-in of some kind. Although, I did get the police called on me once (that time I actually felt like a criminal).

For the record it wasn’t my fault. In fact, it was on public property. I went for a very long walk and found these planted flowers, all of different colors and types. I had to take shot. I had to. I didn’t know if there was going to be another chance like this. As I’m taking the pictures a lady who stays next to the optometrist, yes, the optometrist, took out her phone and started calling the cops on me and my fiancé and daughter. Like what the hell, lady! I’m not here to steal some flowers. She even saw me take the pictures and she still called. People these days.

Oh, an update on my writing. I have finally defeated writer’s block so I am definitely back into the groove. Just today in an hour I wrote about five hundreds for the rewrite of Tellus. I really like how I have it going. I decided to focus on the characters introduction to the world around them. That way the readers get a good feel of both the world and characters. I’m super excited about it guys. Next Wednesday I’ll be posting an excerpt for sure.

6 Comments on “Mother’s Day | An Unexpected Call

  1. It’s 11:22PM here so whatever time zone you’re on HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. 🎇

    You have to work all day on a Sunday? Man!

    Do you have your own garden?

      • Much as you love flowers, I’m sure your next home has to have a nice garden bed. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday despite work.

      • You already know! That is my goal for next year after I do some researching on gardening that is lol

      • I know lol. It is a shame, I just have a visual eye for the beautiful, not so much of keeping it thriving lol

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