What Have I Been Up To?

Title: Unknown

Location: In Neighbor’s Yard

Date Taken: April 28, 2015

Photographer: K.S. Norton

Lens: Nokia Lumia Refocus

Things have been quiet here lately.

Mainly because I got a new job, which I think mentioned. It’s only a part-time occupation, something to bring in extra income while I’m in school. I wish I was financially stable while I continue for a higher education but I might be kidding myself. I’m not saying that I am in desperate need of income just that with two little ones to feed it would be better to have all the income I can get. Which brings me to my other reason why I have been absent— Leah.

To remind you, Leah is my two year-old daughter. Like two peas in a pod, we were close. Even when I had my at-home job sometime last year, we were still close. Now, since I work a mile or so away she seem to experience some sort of withdraw from my appearance. Honestly, I felt bad, seeing my Boobie shed so many tears as I walk down the street is nothing a mother want to have to experience, unless, you know, it’s a vacation from all the crying. Back on subject, Leah found a new addiction. One who will give her goodies and attention every time she bats her pretty little eyelashes. (Not literally, but this is my opinion as the person who recently got rejected by a two year-old.) Her new habit (and trader) is J, her daddy. I’ll go into further explanations of my fiancé lovely betrayal some other time.

Since their alliance things have been a lot noisier in the house. J has spoiled her rotten. That’s as simple as I can put it. If she doesn’t get her way, she throws these outrageous tantrums. And I’m not talking about your average huffing and puffing. I’m talking about your full blown You’re Going to Get Me That Doll or I’ll Make a Fool of Your Parenting type of tantrums. Example? Earlier today we were at our closest grocery store. I’m not sure if you have ever done this or known people that have, however, at the end of every month my family and I find ourselves in what we call “Survival Mode,” which means we do everything we can to make sure we have the basic necessities until the next paycheck. We do this pretty much throughout the month but the end of the month is our crunch time because for some reason all our bills are due at the beginning of the next month.

Anywhos, back to the grocery incident. Leah wanted an apple. Okay, cool. She then bit into that apple and wanted another apple. May I remind you, she only bit into the first apple twice. With the nicest face I could muster, because I was pretty annoyed at this point by behavior, I tell her she cannot have the apple. And what happens next? Leah starts screaming like I twisted her arm calling out to J. I’m standing there, like, are you serious? J tries to calm her down but she doesn’t. She starts sliding out her seat, kicking and yelling at everyone who try to please her. Until, we gave her the apple.

Yeah, in between the new job and school, I have been trying to tame the two year-old beast that dwells within my daughter. Right now, it’s not going well, though. I have a pretty good feel, on my schedule for work so I’ll be posting on those days. This post is getting wordy, and you know how I feel about long posts… I dislike them, unless they are interesting, of course.

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