Easter Writings | Lilac Soothing

Title: Lilac Soothing

Location: In Photographer’s yard.

Date Taken: April 1, 2015

Photographer: K.S. Norton

Lens: Nokia Lumia Refocus

Evening folks! I hope everyone is in preparations of Easter Sunday. For those of you who don’t celebrate I wish you all a peaceful and productive day tomorrow. As for me I enjoy Easter. Mainly because I get to watch my kids explore in wonder as they search immensely for brightly colored eggs.  Sometimes they even tackle each other when they find the same egg. This will be the first year that my daughter, Leah, will actually enjoy the holiday and not run around confused as other children swiped eggs from under her. I will be recording the entire event and taking pictures. By now you guys know how devoted I am to photography. So there will more amateur moments that I hope you guys enjoy. I know I will. Sunday at eleven fifty-nine p.m it will be officially MY Spring Break. I am ecstatic to no end.

For the past couple of days I have been slacking with my workouts and eating clean. I will not call it a diet because diets don’t work. In my opinion there has been more unsuccessful stories than there are success, which is why I focus day by day instead of taking everything I’m used to eating out my view in a sudden bang of a second’s motivation. Tomorrow is going to be especially hard with all the candy and decorated eggs floating around but I have my fitness pal app and plan to workout before the guest arrive. Need to have some insurance if any. I also plan to make healthy alternative meals to the junk food galore that will be present.

As for my writing, still developing the characters and certain parts of the world. Tellus is vast. I want to have as much noted about the world and the language as much as possible. Again, as I stated before, if it’s not believable to me then how I can convince readers? Pretty simple, I can’t. As much as I would like to talk your ear off I have to be off and finish some assignments and do a workout or two. When I finally get the developing stages done for these couple of perspective chapters I will be sure to update until then Happy Reading and Writing!

8 Comments on “Easter Writings | Lilac Soothing

  1. I need to lose 30 pounds by May 27th and I am struggling. I just can’t stop eating bad foods. What type fitness app do you have?

    What is Tellus about?

  2. Hi Har+new, I understand completely. It was definitely hard for me to stop eating bad food. To this day I still have my moments where I indulge for a week or a few days. What I have found effective and easily to control is counting calories, once you are used to it. And with that said I know it also can be a daunting task to have to do every time you eat or drink something. My fitness pal, an that helps manages your weight loss goals by keeping track of both your calorie intake AND your daily workout, helped me stay on track 85% of the time. It even differentiae the two showing you the remaining calorie balance after each workout. One of the great things about the app is that you can have it on all your mobile devices and manage your profile and settings from your computer if need be. I have found it compatible with almost every devices, including Windows base which I find they have very few apps in general.

    Another useful opinion and one of the reasons why I continue to use it, is it allows you to scan the barcodes of many items and if the item does not have a barcode you can type the name of the meal in the search bar, even from fast food joints and restaurants, and it will pull similar meals. Here is the link if you would like to give it a try >>https://www.myfitnesspal.com/ If you get sign up let me know I would love to add you as a friend. Oh yeah, you’ll have a community with other awesome peeps who are trying to complete their weight loss goals and it gives you a customizable ticker which you can add on your blog (check out mine under the colorful social buttons 🙂 )

    Tellus is story about an ancient prophecy and an ancient war with demons who descended onto the planet many centuries ago. The creatures that inhabit the planet are descendants or were created from mythical creatures and gods, including humans. The story centers around a group of young adults, primarily focusing on twin protagonists, Xantara and Alastair, who have all experienced the nasty side of the war and for that reason declares to either side with the demons or against them. As war transpires into Tellus’s second Armageddon secrets about the planet reveal themselves, including an ancient bloodline describe to destroy Tellus that flows within one of the twins.

    • I have a 6 Plus, and its a health app on it. Never fully played around with it. My fitness app sounds cool. So if you scan the barcode it tells you how many calories in it? Are you saying if I’m at a fast food joint, the app tells me about a similar meal with less calories?

      Congrats on losing 24 pounds. It would definitely be cool to have others to motivate you in your weight loss journey.

      What is Tellus based off of? Like, where did the knowledge come from that inspired this story?

      • Yes if you scan the barcode it does tell you how many calories are in that product. It won’t tell you what is the healthiest meal on the menu unless you search all the meals that interest you on the menu one by one.

        Thank you, the community has helped a lot.

        The idea originally developed sometime in October of 2013 when I took a Developing Worlds course. Then expanded well into my Greek mythology course and after reading Games of Thrones. I combined what excited me about each research and readings and then incorporated into my story.

      • I want to get more into Greek mythology myself. But where do you start if its not school? Its so much to cover.

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