WIPpet Wednesday | A Touch Of Undying Spring

For the past week I have been working on a short story that have shown tremendous possibilities. The story I envisioned is revealing itself nicely through elaborated painted words. Today I am giving you an expert of said story in hopes that you find this scene enticing as much chilling. This is the special awesome surprise that I had in waits for you. For WIPpet math its the date added by the month which gives you five paragraphs plus an extra line revealing the big bang of it all. I like to treat my peeps so I hope you enjoy this excerpt from my WIP short story Undying Spring. I’ve also touched on the design of the cover art so that’s a bonus on top of a bonus. Hooray for treats! And no, this is not an April’s fools joke. I promise.

     Erik poked the middle of her back hard with the gun. Pressing his mouth to her ear he said, “Over there.” When they reached the turned mattresses he flipped it over. “Sit. Reminds you of home, huh?”

     Mary sat, her hands in her lap. Erik stood in front of her with the barrel still pointed. “Erik, I–”

     “Don’t speak. I don’t want to hear anything that comes out your mouth.” He looked her up and down. “Take off your shirt?”

     “What?” Mary sat back confused, frightened.

     “I said, take off your got damn shirt.” He pulled at her blouse but Mary pushed him back. Erik jeered, wrapping his hands around her neck, pushing her on her back. He yanked off her shirt and grabbed her breast. Mary turned her face, biting on her quivering bottom lip. “Look at me. Mary! I said look at me got damnit. Why want you look at me?”

     Mary averted her eyes to the side. “Because… you’re my brother.”

And that’s all for today’s snippet. If you would like to join just post an excerpt of your current work in progress and then link it up here for everyone to take a look at your awesomeness.

Cover Design - Undying Spring

By K.S. Norton

10 Comments on “WIPpet Wednesday | A Touch Of Undying Spring

  1. Wow, powerful piece this week. Nice cover, too. And I love the touches of spring. This is a new blog design since I’ve been here last, isn’t it?

  2. Ack! Brother!?! I mean, the situation is bad enough, but… ugh. 😦 Poor, poor Mary. I hope she gets out of it.

    The cover looks really nice. 🙂

  3. Powerful piece.A punch with the last line magnifies the horrible situation for Mary. Love the design of your cover.

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