Photographer Moment

I’m all about the visual and eye fulfilling, which is why I take many random and yet pleasing photos of the world around me. I love to share my work, especially ones I am extremely proud. However, I also know the attention span of individuals, including myself, which is minuscule. Not that it is an issue. A lot of people have their hands full doing everyday tasks, juggling work and family. I decided to make a segment called Visually Bliss (I just thought of the name seconds ago), which will include one or two photography images taken by yours truly or someone I’m close to. Something like amateur hour. I love to express myself and what other way than through my own endeavors?

Note: I have a LOT of segments which I am aware of. However, I love trying new ways to make things simple and it’s a great way to see what everyone likes the most of what I share.  

Today marks the birth of Visually Bliss. The first picture is from a fellow writer, Adrian J. Smith whose work I have admired from a far. She has captured the meaning of spring and hope you all enjoyed this beautiful photo.

By Adrian J Smith

By Adrian J Smith

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