The Allergies Are Slain| Back To The Awesomeness Of Writing

Proudly, I can say my allergies are being tamed by the abundance of medication I have to take. Hate that I have to take so many but happy that I can enjoy the outdoors. The weather is really gorgeous where I am, I hope it is where you are too. Although, Oklahoma weather is always on its menstrual cycle. One minute it’s nice and sunny and hot and then the next it’s freezing rain. Eh, what can I say born and raised here you get used to it… kind of…

I have found my groove, finally, which means I’ll be do more writing. Yes! It’s going to be hectic because of the nice weather. I’m going to be more eager to want to enjoy the outdoors than staying inside typing away, although many days I rather be typing than swatting away insects. Did I mention that I LOATH insects? I didn’t? Well, I do. And because it is getting warmer that means more creepy crawlers will come out and play. Thinking about it gives me the shivers.

So, there are going to be a lot of outdoor posts, most of them stories about how my children are going to tease me to death with bugs. Did you know last year my son picked up a moth and chased me around the house with it? I know! My seven, well six at the time, son picked up a LIVE moth and literally chased me around the house with it. I’m screaming for J to get him to the stop and he’s following behind him chuckling. *sigh* When it comes to spring and summer, unfortunately they have me beat. There are just too many creepy looking things crawling in the heat. And no I am not talking about weird individuals who like to gawk around children or people they do not even know. I seriously for one do not get down with that. I implore my children to alert me as soon as possible if any weird guy /gal gives them the eye. You know the one. The one where he/she stands at the corner of your street wearing a sweater or hoodie or some sort. Yeah…

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But I am terrified. It’s that time where they will want to play with friends and go over each other’s house. I watch too much of Investigation Discovery AND I am a writer who naturally thinks of the beyond and above scenarios. So you can imagine my reaction if my son asks to spend the night over a friend’s house. *takes deep breath* I’ll cross that bridge when it comes.

All right. Okay. I am about to head back to writing. I’m thinking about multitasking with some Sims 4. Love that game. I’m working on my WIP, Tellus. Going back and doing some character and world exercises to further develop or get to know what I’m writing. You can’t write what you don’t fully understand, right? Of course not. Since this story chapters are broken into character perspective once I’ve fully develop the basics of a character I’ll write or rewrite their chapters. I’m really excited about it, actually. I’m also thinking about designing a few art work to go along with what I’m working on, I wonder what kind of crazy ideas I can come up.

As you can see I’ve changed the color scheme and photo on my about author page. Doesn’t it ring spring? I think so. I have this OCD with color coordination. And right now I’m feeling the glow of spring. I hope you guys like.

AWESOME NOTE: One of my fellow bloggers and an amazing writer, ReGi McClain was blessed with an opportunity to turn one of her books into a film. That’s pretty darn awesome. Coming from doing everything yourself to having the full support of actors and a production team to help all because they love your story! Awesomeness! Yes, my favorite word is awesome. I know what you are thinking, what gives me the credibility? Honestly, nothing. But I am a strong believer of supporting the things you love and from what I have read of Farie Blood from the Hidden Bloodlines series it’s pretty darn awesome. The characters are believable and real and the world is immersive. A good book to me is one that grabs your attention and doesn’t let you go even well after the story has ended. It’s like being addicted, you have to have more. And Farie Blood is that book.  But don’t take my word check it out yourself on ReGi’s blog.

Tomorrow is WIPpeet Wednesday. Instead of the usual I have a special treat for you. So make sure to check it out!

Until the next post Happy Reading and Writing Everyone! 

2 Comments on “The Allergies Are Slain| Back To The Awesomeness Of Writing

  1. LOL. I can totally picture your son chasing you with a bug. My kids have gotten some good laughs over their rabbit chasing me. (The thing scares me sometimes.Don’t ask.) It’s great news that you have your allergies under control and can go out to play again! And woohoo! for writing again! A writer who’s too sick to write is misery in the making.

    And, of course, thank you so much for supporting me! ❤

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