Torando Scare

Scary thing happened yesterday. Around five or six the tornado warnings blared letting me know that there was a possible tornado spotting close to where I live. Keep in mind I have never experienced anything remotely as scary. So when I saw the tornado wall formed above, the sky darken, the wind pick up, I panicked. I walked around grabbing pillows, sheets, blankets, mattresses throwing them in the closet where my children sat obviously terrified because the wind is banging hard against our house. To make matters worse, large branches fell off our tree and onto the roof, adding more fright to an already scared bunch. J is awed by what’s happening, constantly going outside and opening up windows. In a panic I yell at him several of times to take this situation seriously.

He reassures me that the storm will pass over but by six fifteen even he starts to have doubts. By this time the NyQuil I took earlier for my allergies kicks in and heighten my paranoia. It feels like I’m in this out of body experience.  Dizzy. Light headed. Feverish. I seriously can’t take it anymore. My mom and dad and best friend and cousin constantly blows up my phone asking me if I am okay. I’m not. And I let them know over and over again how frightened I was. I didn’t want my family to go through something like this, I’m honesty not prepared. So, I tell my dad someone needs to bring their behind over here and pick us up.

His weary sigh tells me I’m being dramatic and need to calm down. Thinking about it now, a calm mind would have been better not only for me but for children as well. But at the moment nothing seems to calm me.

No one comes of course because it then started to rain pea size hail. Our screen door gets thrown around a bit and our poor trash bin is tossed around silly all over the yard. Like my dad and Fiancé said the tornado did pass us. Thank goodness too because after that mayhem I wanted to crash under my sheets.

Calming the children didnt take long, as I thought it would. Bubba pulled up Netflix on the tablet and they sat cuddled watching Uncle Grandpa until they were sleepy. You think with all the commotion my nerves would have gotten the best of me.


I ended the night with a nice hot shower, definitely helped with the stress and attending an online meeting with my instructor and classmates. Even through the chaos class shall resume. And lastly I worked on my WIP novel Tell us until around midnight.  I’m actually pretty proud of myself. I was stump on it for a while. Going back to the basics filled in some of the questions that blocked me in the first place. In all it was a pretty crazy night that ended better than I could have imagined. Thank goodness no one was hurt.

Started getting dark around 3:30 to 4:00 P.M. CST. Pretty ominous, huh?

Started getting dark around 3:30 to 4:00 P.M. CST. Pretty ominous, huh?

4 Comments on “Torando Scare

    • The gutters are bent from where the tree branch fell. For now that is all I can see. Once my allergies clear up, I’m going to take a look around with my landlord. Thanks for reaching out I really appreciate it. It was a terrifying experience, even though it passed over.

  1. So glad you’re all OK! Hopefully, you’ll be able to be a little calmer if there’s another calamity.

    Once, while the kids and I were in Philadelphia visiting national landmarks,our car was missing when we came back to where we had parked it. I was secretly terrified, but there I was alone with a 7 and 9 year old who were scared enough for all of us….somehow I kept it together, we found a security guard who connected us with the impound yard, and there our car was…

    What a relief when, a couple of hundred dollars and an hour or two later, we had the car…

    Gotta love happy endings!

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