First Cold of Spring

After my forty some-odd minute workout last night I started to feel ill. Not sure why, though. It kind of just hit me… Hard. It was like the stomach bug without the vomiting. My body ached, I had chills, and even a small fever. I want to say it has some conjunction with my allergies that flared around the end of February or beginning of March. I yet to smelled the awesomeness of J’s, my Fiancé, cooking. Or breathe in the freshness on a cool sunny day, especially now because it’s Spring.

I know that my allergies are out of hand because of the Spring weather but geesh. This is far worst than any other year and my appointment isn’t until the end of the month.

Frustrating as hell because there are a lot of scenes waiting for me to takes it picture and I’m stuck inside sniffling…

Or so I thought.

This morning (or afternoon 😊) when I woke up I didn’t feel like my body was going to break at any sudden movement. I’m still a little daze and have the sniffles. The weather is perfect not to cold or hot. A cool breeze every now and then. The sun shining through the clouded sky. Perfect. Determined to get some pictures of the first sign of Spring I strolled around my neighborhood with J and my princess, Leah. My prince, Bubba, decided he was too good to walk with his mommy and wanted to stay with his friend. Seven year olds.

There weren’t much to see, considering where I live. Many of the houses were decent; groomed lot and taken care of homes. Unfortunately it seems a lot of my neighbors aren’t fans of flowers or it’s not yet time to plant them. By the time it hit the twenty minute mark I was fatigued. So J and I called it day.

Here are the photos I took I’m calling this album:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Despite my body going against me, I still wanted to take some outdoors pictures of myself and the kiddos. Yeah. I really don’t like sitting down on a gorgeous day, have to do something, right?

Created with Nokia Refocus

Yes, that face lol


Messed around with some of the filters. I really love this one.


Me and my Fiancé, J.

Created with Nokia Refocus

Okay, this kid and his poses.

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