Midnight Memories

Around midnight right now and I had a bag of sour patch candies in front of me (now devoured). My tablet was (still is) blaring songs from my anime playlist and my daughter was (still is, thank goodness) sleeping beside me. A nice layer of silence orbiting me although I hear my fiancé and son’s competitive gaming in the next room. The best part of it all was (had to stop because IE browser froze before I could publish the post… grrrr) that I’m actually did some writing, well,  now I have to get back to it after I finish up this post…

As you noticed I have played around with WordPress’s theme, finally utilizing all it’s functions. Don’t worry this will be the last change for a while. As I was going through all my posts I’ve noticed I was doing a lot of changes. I also read through some of  my older posts and found how remarkable I have grown from August of last year. I mean it’s a short time considering all the veteran bloggers out there but it definitely paints a picture of my journey thus far. And it’s been pretty darn good.

As I was looking for a photo for the about me header that appears on the home page I ran across a picture of my daughter. I took it not to long ago but its the way she cocks her head that always have me shaking mine. Kids really do the darnest things. Still to this day I have yet to figure out where she learned to pose like that. I’m going back to writing until the next post. Happy Writing and Reading!


My daughter, Leah



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