In my dreams you had the power to take my heart with one glimpse.

A superhero who did everything in his power to see those around him pleased and safe.

And I was your partner, supportive and strong.

When the enemy took you down I stumble shakily and took them down.

And after the battle. The winnings in our favor, I held you in my arms.

You cried bloody tears with the same warm smile you always wore.

In my dreams, I had lost you.

In my dreams, I had lost a part of me.

In my dreams, everything was surreal and painful…

Then I awoke…

A common place with familiar feelings;

Our daughter snuggled beside me still in her sweet dreams.

And you.

You were,

Β Where you always are, sitting in front of the TV, engrossed in a game.

You see me and the corners of your mouth lift.

Before your smile completes mine have already kindred.

In our glance, my heart thumps a thousand beats…

Like in my dream… it always been… love at first sight.

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