Wednesday, Yay!

Been a long week. Want to apologize for not talking to you awesome peeps as much. I was kind of in the groove of getting back to writing, slowly and painfully I somehow made it. A couple of things I want to say:

One, I have reached my hundred follower! Woot! Woot! Thank you guys for the support and encouraging me along this journey. I know life can bring some rotten lemons and I’m glad to be able to share all those bitterly sour experiences with you guys, whether it is the complicated relationship between J and I or the ups and down of parenting. I’ll admit. Even though I have two children, I am still very new to the whole raising thing. I’m still in my twenties for crying out aloud. Thank you, without you guys I don’t think I would be as motivated as I am today. I came a long way and it feels good to grow.

There are still some things I am trying to work out. Like my addiction to the Sims 4 or Investigation Discovery Channel. I can literally get lost into that world and wouldn’t come back until sometime the next day. The other night I multitasked between writing and playing the Sims 4 until four in the morning. Yeah, there were more gaming than writing. For those who are wondering, Sims 4 is a simulation game that allows you to control the everyday life of the people you create. If you like control then you’ll love the Sims 4. Here’s a few screenshots of the game, this is the house I built. Took me a day to complete it all. One of my favorite things about the game is building the houses and watching the people I create live in it. It’s pretty awesome.

house Inside Overview

One of the other troubling issues I am desperately trying to get grasps hold of is my overeating. I’m not overeating by much but am I overeating to the point where it is busting my calorie intake for the day. It mainly accumulates between 12am to 6 am, during my solitude time of working. It kind of frustrates me to wake up and see that I am stuck on this one number fluctuating between 270 and 265. I am so ready to get into the 50’s that I can feel the thinness.

Moving along, today is Wednesday, which means it is WIPpet Wednesday. This week I plan to read everyone’s nice juicy experts and comment so look out for me! For today’s WIPpet math it’s the month added by the date giving you twenty-one sentences. This expert picks up from last week; the conversation between Muà and her father.

“Sit. And was without a pàe. I see you found yourself one.” Muà’s father spoke as he sat behind a stone table.

Muà rolled her eyes with an exasperated sigh, plopping on a chair with animal skin next to her father’s desk. Chàk followed behind her, curling beside her. After a long stretch and yawn, drowning most of her father’s usual lecture, she extended her legs so that they hung over the chair’s arm. “Father, I know what you’re going to say.”

“Do you, child?” He questioned as he propped his head on his interlocked fingers. His eyes narrowed at his daughter.

Muà raised a brow at her father. There was meaning by his tone but before she could figure it she was startled by Chak’s immense yawn.

She reached down and scratched between the pàe’s ears. Feeling her father’s gaze still she responded. “Yes… I am too rough, I am not rough enough.”

Her father lips curled then opened into a hearty laugh. His daughter was on the nose, if it was a normal lecture but this time she was off a tad bit. With a straight face he spoke, “I have a sermon to attend. I want you to assist.”

Muà cringed.

And that’s it! Want to join in on the fun? Make in expert of your current work in progress and then link it up here make sure it somehow relates to the date. And don’t forget to stop by the other WIPpeteers!

17 Comments on “Wednesday, Yay!

    • A pae is a large warrior animal used for transportation and hunting in her village. There are looked as tools and nothing else… at least to the rest of her village.

  1. I’m pretty sure I would cringe too if someone said they wanted me to assist with a sermon.

  2. “Yes… I am too rough, I am not rough enough.” Love that. Sounds like an old argument between father and daughter.

    Ah… good luck on the over-eating. I’ve gotten pretty good at training myself to reach for a glass of water or something else to drink anytime I think I want to pop food in my face. It’s hard, but most of the time my over-eating is boredom related. Or just mindless grazing. I don’t even feel hungry.

  3. I’ve been really distracted with my writing lately. Trying to focus on it has been difficult when I’ve had other projects pulling me away. I find that I’m worse with my eating while I’m writing for long periods of time, like on the weekends. But Kathi’s suggestion is great, pick up a glass of water instead. Except I’d end up making trips to the loo every 5 minutes. 😦
    Nice short snippet and I agree, sermons make me cringe too.

    • It’s strange because that’s when I tend to eat more is when I’m writing or working on school assignments. The whole every five minutes thing is a hassle sometimes I try to hold it but, you know, it never works out. I find myself rushing to the bathroom with my thighs squeezed together.

  4. Intriguing world, and interaction between father and daughter. I’m not much on sermons, myself, but I wouldn’t see any animal, even one used for specific purposes, as just a tool…

    With the ‘overeating’, I tend not to look at numbers as much as my life, if that makes sense. Some days and times, I’m just more hungry than others. Rather than a limiting mindset, I aim to eat things each week that make me feel good…and that’s it.

    I try to do active things every day…and I’m seeing gradual results, and feeling as though, overall, I have more energy and feel fitter…

    Parenting is a whole other thing….but I’ve found that here, the precept ‘everybody wins’ is a good ideal to aim for.

    Hugs, and welcome back! =D

    • Thanks, yes, this village seems to have trouble connecting with their animals and later it will be their downfall…

      Yeah, that makes sense. I tried that and found myself going back to old habits. I look at the whole calorie thing as a guide not so much as a schedule. There are plenty of times when I go over it and still manage enough exercise. I workout at least thirty minutes five days a week sometimes more. I try to walk more and play around with my kiddos besides that I’m pretty much glued to my computer doing some kind of work.

      Yeah parenting is something else. It’s great to be back 🙂

      • I’ve had that glued to the computer thing, too, so I use timers, and jump up and sprint at a hometending task, then zip back to write (which works because my mind likes to flit around anyway.) I end up getting a good deal of movement in, and the house is tidier by far than it used to be, without me feeling that I’m slaving away…

        I also try to do something out and about with each kid at least twice a month.

        Trouble connecting with animals sounds like a recipe for disaster, to me!

      • I use my phone timer these days. It’s highly portable, and I set a very pretty alert signal.

  5. Yep – I wondered what a pae was also and would totally cringe over a sermon. With the overeating, been there and done that – just convinced myself I wanted an apple for a snack, not the Reese’s peanut butter egg.

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