It’s Tuesday… Yeah…

Morning, so, Sunday I spent about twelve hours working on a presentation for a research assignment for school. In total the amount of hours I poured in during the entire week is around forty or fifty give or take a few. Physically and mentally exhausting. Got around to zero amount of writing and when I tried to play catch up yesterday evening I zonked out, waking up to my head laying on numerous keys. Today I feel much better not all exhausted mentally. As for the physical exhaustion a nice hot bath should sooth my aching muscles. Combined strength and cardio exercise can leave a girl feeling helpless. As for my weight, I kind of gave up on the scale thing. I feel and look slimmer but that darn thing says I’ve gained about four pounds. Where, in my head?


I’ve gotten my schedule down and so this week I am looking forward to being more productive. As I mentioned some time ago, I bought a new phone because my other one had an unfortunate accident while racking leaves. This new one is much smaller, a 4.5 inch display compared to my 6 inch display, but is supposed to have a much better lens. Well, what Microsoft does not mention “openly”, and I am really happy I researched reviews, is that you have to download different apps to use the phone’s full potential of 41 megapixel lens. I know, that can be tedious, unless you are me. I have found this app called Lumia refocus and fell in love with it instantly. It allows you to focus on certain object. I’m not sure if you noticed, but some phones if you tried to take a picture of the sky, the sun looks like a tiny blur dot. It makes the picture further than what it seems. Lumia refocus adjusts the image and after playing around with it several of times I finally took a worthy shot.

Created with Nokia Refocus

This technique will definitely help when I am in a creative slump. I’m not a professional but I sholl do like to act like one.


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