The words flowed from her lips as if they were sweet nothings. “Liveanna… are you… happy?” A faint smile on her face where the blood trickled from the corners of those lips. She reached out a shaky hand, placing it against the warmth of Liveanna’s cheek.

Liveanna placed her hand upon her mother’s. Cold, much like the frigid air around them. She nodded, wiping her fallen tears.

“Good… I had thought you …” Her mother bellowed a cough.

“Shhh.” Liveanna put a finger over her mother’s lips. “I don’t want to forget this moment.” She pushed back a fallen strand of hair from her mother’s face.

“Liveanna…you didn’t?” Her mother mumbled behind her finger.

Liveanna let out a weary sigh, removing her hand from upon her mother’s, taking her gaze toward the clouded sky. “Mother, you have no idea.”

“Livean…” She breathed in deeply, her chest rising as her daughter pressed the thin blade into her chest with such soft eyes and warmth.

“Sleep well, mother.”

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