What Does Anime Have To Do With K.S?

It’s Thursday, which means a stack of anime I need to watch before they become overbearing and a few school assignments , not to mention my own writing and projects. Last night I played around in PhotoShop and designed a nice fantasy heading with fairies and flowers. Once I get rid of some of the kinks I’ll be sure to share.

My Inspiration – Anime

Some would argue that anime is like your every day cartoon, but for those who has spent years engrossed would dispute this, including myself. I started watching anime when I was eleven or twelve and have not detoured from them since. In fact many of stories and designs are based off the shows I watch. Anime has helped sparked my creativity not just in the themes but also the music that goes with them. I am not sure if I have said this before, but my music collection of three hundred plus consist mainly of songs I’ve heard from anime. I’m not going to go into detail, but let’s just say anime has a lot of adult only shows that is definitely not suitable for children. Although, there are some that are children based. ,Anime originated from Japan but much like America have dozens of categories specialized for different genres. I mostly watch Shōnen anime, which is demographic for male teens…

“Often featuring a teenage cast as well as a combat based plot while exploring themes of protecting loved ones, mutual understanding and development of friendship/comradery.” – Wiki

So, yes, I am very much kid at heart. However, everyone has an inspiration that would seem odd to others. I have learned to embrace who I am because what is strange today is radiant tomorrow.

To get a hint of the type of anime I watch here is a few below. These are my current most-watch-at-first-run shows (these are just the opening songs):

The last one is not an opening but a fight scene from Seiken Tsukai no World Break

I wanted to share you with guys a little something about myself. Oh! Another reason I prefer anime over my own country’s networking is that I love Japanese. Watching anime in its native language, of course with subtitles, allows me to embrace the culture in another perspective not just with studying. You wouldn’t believe how many words I have learned from just watching anime. I’ll give you a hint, my name K.S. Norton. The K in K.S. is not my name instead it stands for Kawaii, which means cute or scared, depending on how you pronounce it. With the type of writing I normally do it falls between cute or scared. My fantasy stories carries a sort of cuteness about it. Rather it’s the setting or one of my character. I am always down for the female lead being irresistibly cute. Like wise can be said about my horror stories, not in the sense of scary to the reader, mainly for the characters and the obstacles they face.

I’ll be sure to post and update of my finishing design. Until then check out my writer’s page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.

Happy Writing and Reading Everyone!


“When a man learns to love, he must bear the risk of hatred.” ― Masashi Kishimoto

 (the creator of Naurto and Naurto Shippuden)

3 Comments on “What Does Anime Have To Do With K.S?

  1. High five! Good for you for being proud that you love anime. And I vehemently agree with you that anime is NOT cartoon. Cheers!

    • Thanks! I just took a look at your blog… Following! Lol the 10 Little Everyday Things You Can Do To Be More Otaku for Beginners had me in tears but it’s all true!

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