OMG! My Two – Year Old Daughter Knows How To Say Hello In Japanese!

Yes, I am elated right now. I just posted a video to Facebook and I had to share with you guys. It’s one of those proud parent moments. I was literally in the midst of researching for a school assignment. Had my tunes on loud enough where those around me can hear. One of my many anime opening songs starts to play. This particular song’s opening asks the question, “Hello, can you hear me?” Now, in Japanese, another way to say hello, primarily used when answering a phone call is Moshi-Moshi. And my two-year old daughter has learned how to say it and knows what it means. For a Japanese and anime enthusiast this means a lot to me! I recorded a short video so I can always go back in rewind the moment when she said her first Japanese word.

Here’s the video! I hope you guys find the cuteness as I did.

Squishy Moment ❤

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