Countdown Until Friday… Progress Update

It is twenty – five minutes until Friday. I would love to share some awesome plans but unfortunately I have a full schedule tomorrow of assignments and my own writing and designing. I am hoping to be able to squeeze some reading in there some time as well. As for my assignments for school, I have a presentation to create. The past few days I’ve immersed myself in research now to put all that information into a nice PowerPoint. As for the rest of the night, I plan to work on an assignment for another course I am taking, follow by some writing; my goal is at least five hundred words. If I can pushed it half way I will be a happy camper, then settle down with thirty-minutes of studying Japanese. I am infatuated with my Surface Pro tablet. Working on it is like having an extra pair of arms, Photoshop? *pffft* It’s nothing. Organizing and Scheduling? I’m the boss, what you mean? Staying on task and managing everything I need to do for the week has never been better.

In between all those wonderful things, I will post inspirational and humorous quotes and memes to help you get through your day. Because Friday does not officially start until after five p.m, right?

✒Happy Writing and Reading Everyone!


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