WIPpet Wednesday Is Back, Yes!

It’s great to be back and do WIPpet Wednesday. I haven’t wrote much because of my month’s stand still. In fact according to the Tellus Word Count I was at 66,129. Now I am a whooping 70,827. Looking at those numbers I’m actually pretty happy, although, I know I can do so much better.

For today’s WIPpet, I bring you back to Tellus. We follow one of Muà’s traditions and get to look at the relationship between her and her father. This hasn’t been edit but please feel free to help strengthen anything you find lacking. That’s how I grow, right? 🙂

For WIPpet Math it’s the date plus the month, which gives you seven preliminary paragraphs.

Muà entered the hut. The smell of copper and rotten meat lingered in the air. A headless man lay crouched over a stomp, his insides dripping over the sides in pools. His head boiled in the cauldron over a blazing flame surrounded in spices. She glanced inside the cauldron and a chill crawled across her shoulders. The man’s hair floated like waves above the water. “At least you could have shaven him. The hairs leave a bad after taste in my mouth.” She flopped down on the nearest skinned couch.


“That is where all the flavors lay, child. Besides he was a formidable foe, we must honor his bravery and digest every last inch of him.” Her father stirred with a gigantic wooden spoon and then turned, pointing it toward her. Lose hair splashed on her cheek along with spices and water. “Why must we go through mouthful scenarios with you dear child?”


Muà slowly opened her eyes from her recent attack.With two fingers she lifted the man’s hair from her cheek and held it in the air with a raised eyebrow. “Well—”


“Before you speak, I like to inform you that I am well aware of your little ruse by the line. Not to mention straying from the pact.”


She flicked the hair directly toward her father, which he caught and placed it backed into the cauldron. Muà groaned. “Not my fault. I’m the only one in the village with no pàe.” She folded her arms across her chest and slumped down. “It’s not fair. Besides, he gave me permission,” she mumbled.


“Aww, yes, scouting. But not to wonder in Tactlye’s territory.” He placed the spoon next to a stone desk on a small stand. “Come.” Then gestured with his tail as he went through a beaded doorway.


“Yea. Yea.” Muà pestered following her father, the large wooden beads knocking against each other as she pushed them to the side. She was well aware of what come meant and nothing about it was going to lead to an exultant discussion.

And that’s it for today’s WIPpet. If you would like to join in on the fun, post an excerpt of your work in progress making sure it relates to the date and then link it up here, for all the other WIPpeteers to gander.

✒ Happy Writing and Reading Everyone.

8 Comments on “WIPpet Wednesday Is Back, Yes!

    • Haha. I’m glad the description came across okay but I am sorry for making you do the flail dance. I hope you enjoyed reading, though!

  1. That opening paragraph made my skin crawl. And the flicking of the hair and how she peels it off her face… *shudder* Well done. In a totally gruesome way. 😉

  2. Uahh… Very evocative and nicely written, and I could see it so vividly, but now I feel a little queasy, lol. I loved the line about Muà flicking the hair back to her father and him slipping it back into the pot… I fully sympathise with her reaction!

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