Lets All Scream!

When the house is filled with screaming children… For no apparent reason…


We’re Bored… (and yes my children does do this sometimes).

I return a dose of how-do-you-like-it now.


My Turn!

Their reaction…


We Just Wanted A Cookie



Are you okay?

4 Comments on “Lets All Scream!

  1. When I get a 50,000 square foot home I’m going to have a scream room. In it, there will be thick walls (not like the thin ones I have in my apartment where I can hear neighbors making Barts and Lisa Simpsons) where I can go in to just scream. I also will have furniture in there I can beat up and break . Jumping on the bed, anyone?

    • Lol Oh, no. I can see the dread when the neighbors get at it. That scream room sounds about good right now 😉 I’m I’m for the bouncing attack.

      • Yes, for a little bit until my son’s ADHD kicks in and he starts bouncing off the wall. Haha! 🙂

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