A Selfish Decision

A quick update. My life has still yet to be moving. I am still in this stale stand still with myself. It even got to the point where I have fallen behind on my workouts and because of that gained a few pounds. Not sure how this mind-set became to be but it has effected not only my writing but my daily life as well. Today I sat down with myself and done some heavy thinking and what I mustered is…

I have too much on one plate. To be able to do everything I want to do, including writing, reading, blogging and study Japanese I NEED to organize efficiently.

The thing is, as much as I hate to admit it, I am still learning how to manage my personal life from my prospective business life. It’s a lot easier said than done.

Although, I have learned a few managing skills. One of them is the synchronization across my devices. I always have some kind of technology in my grasp, why not use them to help straighten my life?

It took pretty much all day to add EVERYTHING from school assignments to my own writing and blogging to my calendar.

Excuse the mess, for some reason I could not edit.

Excuse the mess, for some reason I could not edit.

It looks like I’m an occupied mom, kind of love it. However, I did notice that there is not enough time in the day for me to juggle everything even if I planned it all out. So, I’ve decided to be a little selfish. I am combining my blogs. They both, although minor, had similar discussions, an example is my workout progress. This is a selfish decision on my part, I know, but I feel it will benefit my fellow followers as well.

Over the next couple of days I will be posting some of those things I valued from my other blog onto this one. They will be categorized under Splash of Crazy, which will present entries from personal life. Amazing Colors, which defines a tone and it’s potential in our world.

Each color means something great beyond the normal comprehension of what they originally were supposed to mean.

Please be patient as I make this merge and thank you for still sticking around as I go on this journey to discover myself and the world around me.

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