Promised Reveal

As promised yesterday here is the assignment that I designed in Photoshop about my work in progress, Second Life: Fallen leaves.

Before I show my design, I’m going to explain the expectations of the assignment.

To introduce a long project (“feature-length film, TV pilot, web series, novel etc…” (Full Sail’s Creative Writing Industry Course, 2015) for the marketing world.

The idea was…

 to compress the charm of my story, my characters, their world, and the tone into one page,

…which was very difficult for me, if I may add in. To put it simple make it…


That’s the breakdown, the only other requirements are, that it haves an image and of course include the following:

  • Title of project
  • The format/medium
  • At least one image
  • Logline
  • A brief synopsis
  • Intended audience demographic
  • My name (of course) and contact information

Now that you guys have a basic idea of the assignment, here is my One-Sheet. Constructive criticism welcomed.

Norton_Samara_One Sheet

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