And The “Awesome” News Keeps Rolling

Today’s not one of my good days, seriously I’ve had better. But lately these “good” days been lasting longer than I want. I’m being sarcastic here, by the way. Yeah, I’m having one of them “Ugh” days and realizing that I’ve been screwing up since the beginning of the month really leaves a bad taste in my mouth *licks lips* Tastes like regret with a hint of guilt.

The month started off peachy, until the appointments started. Medical, financial, heck even the unscheduled ones like unexpected meetings with my son’s teacher. Before I knew it, I was behind in my own studies and my own writing. Its frustrating since I’m taking a retake class. The instructor, who was very understanding of my circumstances extended the due dates. But like most universities, although the assignments are turned in, late is late.  I did managed to turn in one out of the  two assignments I was behind this week, although I’ll still get points deducted . Add that with the rest of the late assignments I’ve turned in and you get one failing writing student.

Do I regret my inability to properly manage my schedule? Of Course. I’ve learned my lesson. Scheduling is beneficial when it comes to juggling multiple activities and family. I have four synced devices, two of them portal. I think I’ll be able to get my schedule down pack in the next couple of days. The “awesome” part about all of this is that I still might have to take the course again for a third time. Third time the charm, right?

I have to go and pick up my son, who gets out in three minutes and I’m like ten minutes away. I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted and later I’ll post the assignment I designed in Photoshop. Until then Happy Reading and Writing everyone.

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