I’m Giddy! Want To Know Why?


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Quick note. I’ve added another page to the Visual Prompts tab. I think this one will benefit almost everyone especially those dabbling in the dark arts of fantasy. This one, thus far, is my favorite. Love the opaque ambient scene of nature. Soothing and yet chilling, you know?

It definitely helps with my own stories and I hope these references can be some assistance to you as well.

No WIPpet Wednesday today. In fact, I’m pretty sure by now you awesome peep noticed I haven’t been posting any stories, at least not length wise. Truth be told I’ve got my hands on some extra monies (money) and went on a little spending frenzy (also been dealing with illness in the family and other health concerns). I’ve bought a lot of cool things, including the Nokia Lumia 1020 and Surface Pro III tablet. Both items are from Microsoft, Yeah, I’m a Microsoft gal now. Love it!  The amazing thing about the Lumia 1020, new phone, which is much smaller than my usual go to size, is the camera feature. Two words: Frea-kin A-ma-zing! I guess the way I extended it makes it more than two words, but I’m telling you its beautiful and I love beautiful. I’m not a tech girl but what I can say is the pictures that this phone produces are phenomenal. As we all know, I love clouds. I love the sky. I love the moon. Heck, I love nature! The only problem is that I cannot afford those expensive cameras that takes really nice photos. This phone works like one of those cameras. I’ve taken a few pictures this morning, to me, they are breathtaking.


My Block



Near My Block

Both are unfiltered. Pretty cool,huh? Maybe it’s just me been all giddy, most likely that’s the case.

Things are slowly getting back on schedule. After I get caught up in my school assignments *coughs and averts eyes* yeah, I know, bad me, I’ll get back to the daily grind of my novels in progress and other writings.

Until the next post Happy Reading and Writing everyone!


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