All Fixed!

I stated earlier that I was having some trouble with WordPress. I dedicated a few pages for visual prompts for anyone whose looking for that “nudge” of inspiration to take their story to the next level. I love to research, and I love images. As a writer we write, read, and research a lot. No matter what genre  I’m going to find cool visual images to help with the thinking process, mainly because I love doing so.

So far with the help from WordPress and others, I have two pages that are working nicely now. It’s a slide show layout, which means all the images will be appearing gracefully across the header. If one scrolls down there’s also thumbnails of them as well. Sounds weird what I’m about to say, but go ahead and take advantage of these pages. Use them as much as you want, these images are here to help our creative juices to flow. From time to time I will be adding more photos to these pages and adding more pages. My favorites; nature, dark, fantasy, a little bit of gruesome scenes, but I’ll add others as well.

Recap – Everything is working beautifully. If you need some inspiration check out my prompt page.

Until then Happy Reading and Writing everyone!

One Comment on “All Fixed!

  1. [ Smiles ] Great! I knew that things would have been back in order for you!

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