Valentine’s Backfires

Hope everyone is having a great time today. I wish I could say so myself. I debated over and over whether or not I should post this. Weighing the two is a lot harder than I thought. But, I decided to go forth with my feelings.


Happy Valentines Day 😍 Everyone (again)

Today is supposed to be a time of loving and caring, not just for your spouse but for everyone you value special in your life. I kind of had mine all planned. Instead of the traditional 🎊 surprising each other with boxes of chocolates 🍫 and lovely kisses 💋 I wanted to plan our night together with movie, you know, me and J.

I’m sure everyone who has children under the age of ten understands exactly what I mean. It’s hard to find some alone time, let alone surprise each other.  Instead we picked out a box chocolate that fitted our tastes,  was going to make an alcoholic smoothie beverage, and cuddle next to each other and watch some movies  (don’t worry I PG13 this post 😊).

What really happened was a whirlwind of chaos. Arguments and me and my fiancé almost breaking up. The terrifying part of it all was that  our children was there. I tried to keep them in the other room, but, you know, no good. I did, however, comfort them until everything subsided or felt semi normal. But we all know about judging a book a by its cover. Once that stone has been rolled  the only option left to stop is to wait for the roll to slow down or allow it to stop by itself.  Hopefully the tension dies down soon and everything returns to normal. Hopefully.

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