Her words choked in her throat, making every syllable stagger. After the second attempt she reached for the quarter filled glass of water in front of her and sipped. She felt his steel eyes glaring, probably wondering why he was brought here.

She exhaled.

This took more than she thought but she had to tell him. Things were getting… Complicated.

“Clare,” he was getting anxious.

She nodded more to herself, she had to tell him. “Michael…”

It was eight letters. Three words. With all the heaviness of an iron pressing on her chest but she spoke them. She spoke them for him in hopes he felt the same. Eleven months and five days together, he had to right?

His eyes searched the room, ambient and elegant. She watched those eyes and a feeling of dread crossed over and down in her hands. Placing one hand on another she suppressed the tremble.

He ran his hand down his sullen face, shaking his head with an exasperated sigh.


He lifted his head and something inaudible mumbled after the first three words.

“I’m so sorry…”

The rest drowned in her own flooded mind. Her next exhaled was shaky. She closed her eyes and when she opened them his face was toward her left, just enough to hide her own tears. A corner of her shaky bottom lip lifted.  “Tell her Happy Valentine’s Day.”


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