Short 5

A scene from Jay and Sam

The Text

Jay sits on his bed, typing on his laptop. Q, his brother-in-law plops down beside him.

Q: (head in hands) Hey, Bro.

Jay: (typing) Sup.

Q: (moans)

Jay: (sighs, placing the laptop on the floor) What’s wrong?

Q: I messed up.

Jay: (curious) How?

Q: I texted the wrong person.

Jay: Okay. Just send an apology text.

Q: I did.

Jay: Oh.

Q: (lifts head) It was Bethany.

Jay: (laughs) The crazy chick?

Q: (mumbles) Yeah.

Jay: What you text her?

Q: (groans and then mumbles inaudibly)

Jay: What? (laughs) Man, you sound like a dying bear.

Q: (groans louder) What? (laughs) Shut up man but seriously.

Jay: Okay, what you say?

Q: (rubs temples) I asked her if I can cuddle.

Jay: (laughs harder)

Q: Not that funny.

Jay: Kind of.

Q: Pfft. Whatevea

Jay: Dude, seriously? (laughs softly)

Q: What?! (stands, heading to the door) It’s not that funny.

Jay: All right. All right. But seriously, cuddle, bro?

Q: I know (shakes head)

Jay: That’s pretty intimate.

Q: (narrows eyes) Not funny, bro.

Jay: A little, especially since she’s your aunt.

Q: (exasperated sigh) I know. It’s going to be weird as hell at the reunion.

Jay: At least you have a conversation starter.

Q: (squints) Having fun?

Jay: (smirks) A little.


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