WIPpet Wednesday – 5lbs Lighter

Morning everyone,

I had a wonderful walk this morning so I’m in high spirits. Plus, weighed myself the other day and I’m five pounds lighter. Oh, yeah, it’s a motivator  all right.  I’ve been trying to stay on a healthy path, although my eating could use some improvements. So, this month, I plan to focus on adding more fruits and vegetables to my meals and cut out all the junk. Easier said than done, I know.

Fast forward…

It’s the first WIPpet of February. Yes. And today we are returning back to Tellus: Rooted Vengeance. This snippet is brought to you by Xantara, one of the female protagonist. In this scene she confronts the allegedly persons she suspects gave her a cursed scar (a wound that does not heal).

WIPpet Math: the date added by the month which gives you six paragraphs from the chapter What Matters.

After a few steps Xantara spotted the group her friend informed her earlier. A part of her tingled. Eager to seep its hands into battle. She stopped. There was no need to get excited over conversation.  Even if she was to fight going into an arena with a clouded mind only led to catastrophe.

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and exhaled reopening them. There were five in all. Four stood behind a guy with a flamboyant lizard exterior; side of his face and part of his arms covered in the moss-green scales. Okay, she told herself, don’t make foes out of strangers. But when she started to walk closer something kept her back. Maybe it was their half-raised smirks and narrowed eyes or the hint of perturbed aura emanating from their bodies.

“I—” The words froze in her throat. The lizard tone extended a hand from his pocket and held it faced upward, his nails growing, changing in both size and texture into a substance that shimmered under the sun. She sighed, averting her eyes to the side.  Her notion was confirmed, they didn’t come to negotiate.

“I haven’t come to pick a fight.” Although, the action seemed to always follow her. “I just want you to remove this.” She held up her hand, showing the long scar down her palm.

There was a of burst laughter that boomed from the group. Xantara didn’t find the humor in her simple request or the reasons for their small town giggles. The tone with the oddly placed scales stepped forward and like the weather in Eternal Fields the others hushed on que. “Sorry, babe. Can’t help you with that but…” He snapped his fingers. “If you come with me that’ll be awesome. I have someone who is eager to meet you.”

She raised a brow. Did he just call her babe?

If you want to hop along with the fun of WIPpet Wednesday; write an excerpt of your current work in progress, making sure it somehow relates to the date and then link it up here for everyone else to see your awesomeness and don’t forget to visit all the other WIPpeteers. I’m not sure if I can comment on everyone’s but I will definitely try in between assignments from school and other minor projects.

✒Until the next post Happy Reading and Writing.


4 Comments on “WIPpet Wednesday – 5lbs Lighter

  1. Congrats on your weight loss! Adding in more fruits and veggies is good for us all. I know I’ve been trying to make sure I get my four fruits and veggies a day, which isn’t always easy.

    It sounds like your character is in a tricky situation. I’m curious to learn how she finds her way out of this one.

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss!

    It sounds like Mr. Lizard Scales there is about to eat his words. “Babe” indeed… Very fun excerpt, particularly about fights following her around. Poor Xantara, there wouldn’t be a story without her suffering.

  3. I’m intrigued by Mr. Lizard….

    Here’s what I do in regards to food. I aim for a quota of things that make me feel good. Right now, it’s salads and smoothies, fruits and veggies otherwise, fish and seafood, whole grains, Greek yogurt, vegetable and broth soups, and seeds and nuts…

    I aim for those, and eat what I want. I’ve lost about ten pounds in the last few months (and I’m menopausal, so that’s an accomplishment), and I have, overall, more energy.

    Also, it doesn’t feel like deprivation, and, over time, I can add foods that feel good, and up the quotas. I’m also spending more time on preparing my own foods closer to their natural states, which is something I’ve gotten away from over the years, for a variety of reasons.

    Good luck with your steps, and I’m eager to see what’s gonna happen with Xantara and this fighting thing that seems to shadow her – maybe she could bleed on Mr. Lizard?

  4. I like that last part. It made me giggle–the “babe” was startling in contrast to how I expected him to speak. That was really fun. Sounds like she’s in a tight spot…I wonder how she’ll get out.

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