Beautiful World – Japan

My dream is to one day  be able to venture to Japan. To compare apples to apples from their entertainment to how people really live and interact in the country. Right now that is a dream, no a goal. Until then, I thought I’ll share some images of their wonders and amazement. I’m a sucker for nature and all its glory, especially because they inspire my story worlds and to create new ones. So, today I decided to make a Pinterest account. I’ll post a few images from the gallery and then linked the entire gallery here from Pinterest. I hope these motivate you as they have for me.


Check out more images of Japan on Pinterest at Beautiful World – Japan

3 Comments on “Beautiful World – Japan

  1. you should go, Japan is eaaaaaasy to travel to , I first went as a student to do some volunteer work, it’s cheap since you don’t pay accomodation and food you just need to find a volunteer organisation in your country. You meet japanese people and lots of people from around the world and you can even make japanese friends! Then you never want to leave but that’s another problem^^

      • oh yes because if you love Japan that will be a blast. You can spend 2 weeks doing volunteer work and maybe spend a week end in a japanese family that’s so funny.

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