Short 4

A scene from Jay and Sam

The Fall

Sam washes dishes as Cory does his homework on the counter beside her. He jumps and does a twirl.

Sam: What was that?

Cory: What was what?

Sam: That thing you just did.

Cory: A dance.

Sam: (raises a brow) A dance?

Cory: Yup, learned it today in gym. Want to see it again?

Sam: I would like for you to finish your homework. (turns, splashing water between them) Ah, dang it. Be careful and hurry. No more spinning or galloping or whatever it is that you’re doing.

Cory: (pouts) Fine.

A few seconds later Cory busts out another twirl, slipping on the spilled water.

Sam: (laughs under her breath then turns with a straightened face) Does it hurt?

Cory: (nods) Yeah.

Sam: I guess now you’ll finish your homework.

Cory: (stands) That was part of it.

Sam: Really?

Cory: Yup, I’m going to call it a slide.

Sam: (lifts brow) What was your homework again?

Cory: Name. The. Dance. Come on, Mom. We went over this.

Sam: We did?

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