More Than Words

Good morning, afternoon, or evening everyone and what a lovely Sunday it is. Yesterday was J’s, my finance, birthday so I spent the whole day cleaning, getting the house all nice and spiffy for his day of relaxation. Because that’s what birthdays are when you have kids; a full day of its her/his-turn-to-watch-the-kids-while-I-kick-back and pretty much do whatever is that they want. At least that’s how it is in my home. Luckily, J wanted to spend sometime with his family and skip out on the awesomeness of clubbing, going to bars, and any other fun stuff young folks like us are supposed to do in their early and mid twenties. (Yes, I am in my mid twenties, right smack in the middle to be exact and J is in his baby twenties, turned twenty-three yesterday. And yes, I get the occasionally cougar or rocking the cradle joke; going on four years, it’s seemingly funny to me now. He had a nice time drinking with my brother-in-law until the children went to bed and then I joined. It ended great, expect the part where I forgot to post the third chapter of One Mind Two Names. It still needs a few edits, but I will have it posted no later than Wednesday. Kind of been a snowball effect going with me this week, a couple of days ago, or maybe it was yesterday… I talked about not posting a routine post. The bright side of this I’m getting back on track.

I’ve also been thinking about combing my other blog with this one since I pretty much discussing similar topics. So, in the next couple of days there may be more update posts.

On the other news, I’ve found an interesting yet motivational quote or meme, I’m not hundred percent that’s what they’re called, that I would love to share with you awesome peeps.


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