Hello and Be Awesome

Yes, I am super happy for no apparent reason and no I haven’t done anything that could be considered illegal in some countries. So, why am I freakishly happy?


I’m awesome. Yup, I said it. Five minutes ago as I’m  writing Second Life, right in the middle of a juicy scene, something hit me. I can’t really describe it but at that moment I realized how lucky and bless I am to have my family and friends and supporters like my social buddies. I came a long away from being reserved, dwelling only in my own inner thoughts to now expressing myself through my writing openly with blogging and writing groups and my peers and instructors at school without feeling overly embarrassed or incompetent. Honestly, I doubted myself pretty badly for a moment. Especially  when I stumbled or my writing told my stories instead of showing or when the grammar dam broke and my writing  flooded with all types of grammatical fishes. But I’ve learned that it’s all part of the process and it’s just going to get harder as I go along. With each milestone there are going to be even harder obstacles but the good thing about it is that each one will only expand on my own knowledge. It’s a win-win. Plus, I won’t have any what-if regrets because I took that step into a world infested with sharks. And it feels darn good now to look back and say, “I’m doing it. I’m actually going forward.”

So, why am I awesome again?

Because I faced each trial head on and still facing the ones to come.. .Let’s all be awesome!


Okay, not that awesome.



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