WIPpet Wednesday – A Short

It’s another Wednesday, usually I’m all giddy up to revel another excerpt of my novel Tellus, but lately I’ve been burnt out on the whole Tellus world. So, I’ve been writing some shorts based off the personalities of my family and close friends.  It’s like a little get away of the “what if” scenes of life that usually only run in my head. I got the idea from another writer whose writing grabbed my attention from the very first post. It’s short, mostly dialogue, but still tells a beginning, middle, and end of a story. Love it! A great way to exercise the mind on days like this. So today’s WIPpet, will be one of those shorts. For WIPpet math the date subtracted by my birth date, which is the fifth giving you twenty-three sentences.

A scene from Jay and Sam

The Chair

Jay waltz in the living room, eyeing his girlfriend who rocks quietly in the lazy boy chair; her legs hanging from the arm rest, her back turned to him as he sit on the couch next to her. He runs his hand on the cushion beside him. No remote. He sucks in air turning his gaze to the he cup holder embedded in the chair and the pocket where the remote fits nicely in. He sighs toward Sam who is engrossed in the game on her phone.

After a minute of creaking silence…

Jay: Will you stop?

Sam: Stop, what?

Jay: (narrows eyes) Rocking.

Sam: No (goes back to phone) I was here first.

Jay: Who’s that?

Sam: (rolls eyes) Here we go. Don’t you dare, Jay.

Jay: Dare what? I’m just saying you look suspicious on your phone. Texting someone you shouldn’t?

Sam:  (moans) you’re irking  me. It’s too early for all that.

Jay: Now you just trying to change the subject. Who’s that? Bet not be a dude.

Sam: Are you serious? (stands, turns to Jay) You did that crap on purpose (heads to the bedroom).

Jay: (waits till the bedroom door shut and then hops in the chair, pulling out its foot rest and the remote buried in the pocket) Mine.

I still have a long way to go but I’m liking the short but interesting stories that come up. To check out similar stories including where I got this neat little idea check out Linda G. Hill’s inspiration in progress blog.

To join in the fun of WIPpet Wednesday simply  make a post with your current work in progress, making sure it relates to the date and then link it up here for all the other WIPpeteers to gander.

On the other note, these past four days have been brutal. No writing. No reading, kind of. No drawing. No blogging. Just me and the ol’ medicine bag running back and forth through the house. Friday I spent the evening in the hospital supporting my son as he went through his, maybe sixth, breathing machine (I have no idea the correct term for what it is actually called). And these past few days I have been doing the exact same thing, breathing machine after breathing machine trying to regulate his air intake. It’s not going well. The medicine we have is not strong enough to suffice and the physicians are being a douche bag about his medical insurance. So, I’m going back and forth with them and the insurance company trying to get my poor Bubba the medicine he needs. If matters weren’t already hectic, I’m trying to get Bubba from being, you know, a child and keep him seated throughout the day. Yeah… it’s going beautifully.

That’s pretty much my update, oh wait. I’ve completely changed the date of  the completion of Tellus. It’s taking a break while I work on another story for a while. I’m thinking contemporary fantasy, sounds pretty interesting to me.

12 Comments on “WIPpet Wednesday – A Short

  1. It’s great to find ways to stretch our minds, isn’t it? I like to occasionally take a challenge or a prompt, just for something different.

    I think I know a few people like Jay…stir things up just to get their own comfort. 😛

  2. I love doing these little exercises, too! They can be a fun way to break up routine and deviate without committing to a whole new project. This one was fun to read.

  3. Ah, hope things go better for your son. 😦
    Great writing exercise. Jay’s rather a jerk, getting Sam all ticked off just so she’ll leave. Well played.

  4. That’s an interesting idea. It’s funny how those little “what ifs” occur, isn’t it, and what they can spark?

    I hope you and your little boy are feeling better soon.

  5. LOL Smarty-pants Jay. What-if stories are good therapy. I did one for one of mu bigger what-ifs a while back and it really assuaged some of my fears. Which, really, makes no sense because I solved the problem by turning a character into a dragon so it could eat people, but hey! It worked. 😛

  6. haha I may have done something similar to that before, just saying. Not the jealously route, but the get out of my spot route. =P

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