Can Today Get Anymore Interesting?

It’s Friday and I’ve spent all day in the hospital. To shorten the story: I woke up to a vomiting toddler who couldn’t stop around twelve this morning, when Friday just started. I stayed up at the hospital with my daughter until sometime around six where we finally came home. After a little blogging and a snack I finally called it a night, well day, and slid under the sheets.

I woke to my son breathing shallow. He’s struggling to intake air, finding out from my Fiancé, J, this was his third time on his machine. If matters weren’t already terrible, I, myself caught some kind of stomach virus. Back in the bed I go, leaving the kiddos to my strong man, J. Did I tell you that things are looking better for us? I haven’t? Its going okay still a little bump here and there but much better than the latter.

This time I wake up around six , still feeling like crap, but not to crappy to tag along with the gang and go to the emergency room for my son, who’s at this point so still and quiet, I barely notice him there.

At the hospital, Bubba, my son, is breathing like a smoker while everyone else is seen and checked out. After two hours of waiting, (and we’re still waiting as I’m making this post) I go to the reception and then the triage room to ask when he’s going to be next. At this point, I am a little testy and its displayed in my voice. A few moments later the nurse checks his breathing (again) and then puts us in this small waiting room with no t.v and the only entertainment is this nice painting.


My first thought was that they put us in this room because my daughter kept crying, (she’s in that I’m sleepy but don’t want to go to sleep mood). But the nurse comes with a small plastic mask and medicine. She lifts up the painting and whoola, a secret breathing machine hidden behind it. Who knew that even hospitals were in the secret agency business? Not I, I tell ya.


With that cool encounter and my son breathing a little better, I’m one happy mama. Here’s another humorous tid bit. While we waited in the large waiting room I sat across from the security shaft. They have nice dark black tinted windows to keep peering eyes like myself from gazing at the business of a security officer. However, this officer didn’t get the memo that in order to hide, one must not use objects that shine through the night.


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