More Clouds and Wonderful Updates

Good Morning awesome peeps!

For the past couple of mornings I have awoken to a beautiful strawberry-berry sky. A light magenta embracing the last remnants of the night. At first when I saw this my son, whom I was walking to school at the time, thought  there was something wrong. He kind of panicked… okay, he panicked A LOT. The next day morning he finally came to terms that the sky weren’t invaders from another planet. I tried to take some shots, but using my camera’s lens, eh, you know, let’s just say I did my best. fotor_WP_20150118_17_45_44_Pro fotor_WP_20150120_07_22_32_ProHere’s a few awesome updates as my new year sinks in:

  • I’m active  – we’ll I’m working out more
  • I’m writing everyday, including school assignments and my own WIP’s
  • And lastly, I’m designing more, including  another header. This one is for the about me section of the blog. It’s still in progress but I’m really liking how it’s coming along.


2 Comments on “More Clouds and Wonderful Updates

  1. I love how active and varies you’re being. Makes me feel like I need to get on the ball. 🙂

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