Undying Spring’s Cover Design

Ello! I’m really ecstatic right now, if you guys hadn’t already knew. Why? Well….

*avert eyes left and right and smiles wickedly*

I’ve been playing in Photoshop again, pretty much since I woke up this morning. What have I been working on? The cover design for my short story Undying Spring. Uh, huh, that’s right.

I’m not a pro, I just like to dabble in Photoshop, designing is one of my favorite hobbies besides writing. Before I share what I created I’ll tell you a little bit about the assignment.

The Basics: Pick a short story to publish. On the cover spec sheet type your cover idea.<– Pretty much explains it.

note: This is the first time we (Full Sail online students) are able to work with the media students, so I felt a little bad about designing my own cover. It doesn’t mean I wont pick the student’s design, just that I wanted to see what I could do.

Here’s the logline that follows the story and after that my cover design (constructive criticism welcome):

ย ย ย ย ย  LOGLINE: A woman flees from her derange abuser to the middle of nowhere in hopes of surviving, until she receives a call from a familiar voice.ย ย 

UPDATE: ย Right Cover Updatedย  with Latest Version (Adjusted Type, Add Blue Petal & Made Main Petal Smaller)

Cover- Undying Spring Cover Design - Undying Spring



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