Kawaii Doyoubi – Lesson 4 – Family

Konnichiwa Mina! Today is Saturday, which means another dose of Japanese. I have been spending a lot of time with my children and seeing a perspective about them that I normally wouldn’t see. You know, the kick back and just relax; the whole look at the big picture thing. Well, I have been doing that and found A LOT of myself in them. It’s kind of an irritating in-a-good way feeling. There smiles are what I really need. Right now as I am typing this my daughter is sitting next to me on her toy computer mimicking my key strokes. Too darn cute. (Now, she’s having a conversation about how hard it is to type.)


See, I told you. Excuse the scattered mess around my desk. I kind of take things from her that she’s not supposed to have, one being in money, and just tosses it on top.

Onto today’s lesson. In correlations with my family lovey-dovey moments we will learn words that express family titles alongside with some awesome anime images. These words are commonly spoken to family members and is not formal. Most words have been rewritten into Kanji characters, although many still are in the traditional Hiragana. In this case two out of the eight words listed are in Kanji. Some of the words can be written in Kanji but to keep the break down easier and simple, I’ve purposely kept them in Hiragana.

family pt.1

Family pt. 2

And that’s it for today’s lesson. Until next week, ja mata ne!


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