Chapter Two – Day Four – Entry Two

As promised here is Chapter Two of One Mind Two Names. For those who does not like reading seductive and vulgar behavior or words I must warn that there is one part where a certain character does an “indecent” behavior but it does not go into detail. I hope you guys enjoy!

Doctor Thomas handed Ellan another letter. This one was torn and missing half of its page. She sat across from Ellan with clipboard in hand. “Today I will be asking you some simple questions about our last visit when you were nine. Is that all right?”

Ellan nodded. “Yeah, that’s fine.” What else could she do? She’s been sitting in this room for three days after she awoke and the second day she wasn’t even herself. Doctor Alfred said Hellen emerged and tormented every nurse, male or female that she laid her eyes on, demanding bubbles. One nurse was bitten on the neck and another was caught given her oral; the woman’s arms bind behind her, her legs tied with the bedding. To subdue Hellen it took six built security personal and several strait jackets. Yet, Hellen still wore a seductive smile, licking her lips at everyone that tried to approach her. Because of that incident she wasn’t fed for the night. When Ellan awoke the next morning her stomach ached. Doctor Alfred came with a staff of seven, ready for Hellen, but to their surprise it was a hungry Ellan.

While she gobbled down her dinner from the night before and her breakfast Doctor Alfred shared some of his findings about the two. Apparently certain phrases and objects trigger their appearance. At least that’s what Doctor Alfred suggested. No one really had an idea. He wouldn’t say what those certain words or objects were in fear of Ellan leaking the information to the two unconsciously. Ellan simply agree, not certain herself.

“Great. Now, first question. Do you remember Angel?”

Ellan rolled her eyes. “No, I don’t.”

Doctor Thomas placed her clipboard to the side, narrowing her eyes at the other woman. “Is there a problem with my question, Ms. Marrieth?”

Ellan sensed the offensiveness in her tone. She hadn’t meant to be rude. The question seemed silly is all. Of course she wouldn’t remember her. She didn’t even know how she ended here in the first place. “No. Um, I just kind of knew you was going to ask that…” She averted her eyes to the window. “Somehow.”

“I see.” Doctor Thomas wrote on the clipboard. “Do you remember why you conjured them?”

The questions were getting more insolent. Was she saying that Ellan was crazy? Or just playing looney? Ellan sighed, turning  to her side. “I’m tired.” There was no point. She was just like Doctor Alfred but instead of the bitterness she was bittersweet.

Doctor Thomas stood, walked over to Ellan and took the letter that was lying beside her. Ellan rose, a little bewildered. “Before you sleep, I’ll read you the letter.”

Ellan shrugged. What was the point she hadn’t understood the last one. The only thing she got from it was that Angel was the one awake when they arrived to the hospital. And she did not like it. Ellan shuddered. She hoped Angel was joking when she said she killed their grandmother. She tried to call her but no phones were allowed, for her at least.

Doctor Thomas sauntered to the door and leaned against the wall extending from the door. “Are you ready?”

Ellan sighed. “More than I’ll ever be.”

“Okay.” Doctor Thomas glanced at the paper. “The writing is different from Angel’s and yours. And she preferred plain paper. How particular? They are definitely unique in personalities.” She nodded to Ellan. “I’m starting.”

Ellan took a deep breath. “I’m ready.”

Doctor Thomas started reading.

Hellen's Letter

Hellen’s Letter

Doctor Thomas placed the paper on the nearby stand. “And that’s it. The rest was eaten by Hellen. She refused to hand it to us. Ellan?”

When Ellan didn’t answer she looked over a little concern. The woman was lumped over, convulsing. Doctor Thomas reached in her pocket and pulled out a cell phone. She clicked a button and waited for its ring. The voice that answered was none other than Doctor Alfred.

“Yes, Mrs. Thomas?”

“It worked. I think she’s appearing.”

Doctor Alfred responded hastily. “I’m on my way.”

Doctor Thomas walked around the wall, watching, making sure the other woman didn’t see her.

Her body shook vigorously now and her head jerked back. Ellan foamed out the mouth. This went on for at least two more minutes. By then Doctor Alfred arrived with a staff of eight. “Has she awakened?” He asked.

“I have. Who calls upon me without my permission?” The voice came from Ellan. It was low, whisper like, almost seductively.

Doctor Alfred held his hand in front of Mrs. Thomas. “Stay, I will examine. Take notes.”

She nodded, holding the clipboard close to her chest.

He waved for his staff to follow and they cut around the corner. Ellan, or what looked like Ellan smiled with her eyes closed.

“Well, hello, Doctor Handsome.”

Doctor Alfred approached with caution. “Hello, Hellen. Would you mind opening your eyes? I hear they are like jewels.”

Hellen curled a smiled. “For you, anything.” Slowly she opened her eyes, revealing the iridescent shades of purples. “Aren’t they gorgeous?”

Doctor Alfred whispered to Mrs. Thomas. “They are the color of amethyst much like we stated.” He turned back to Hellen and for once his thin line rose to a half-smile. “They’re beautiful. May I ask you a few questions?”

Hellen laughed. “But of course, isn’t that the reason why you had that whore read the letter. You sneaky bastards think you’re on to me.” She lifted a finger and waved it side to side. With a childlike voice she said, “But you’re wroooong.”

And that’s it for Chapter Two stay tuned for Chapter Three which will be posted between the 24th and 31st! Happy Reading and Writing!

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