Update On One Mind Two Names

Hey guys, I have less than an hour to premiere the second chapter to One Mind Two Names and I’m almost there. Yes! I just wanted to share an update with you awesome peeps. First off, I revised Chapter One adding more narrating, so the story will be told as the following:

  • You will get to see the story as a third person perspective, as most books
  • But then you also get to see the letters that was written from Angel and Hellen

So be sure to check out the letters, they definitely go along with the story! And be sure to check out the revised Chapter One of One Mind and Two Names! Constructive criticism is welcomed, for sure!

To get you guys pumped to read Chapter One and Chapter Two that will be posted shortly, here is the blurb that can be located on the tab One Mind Two Names and the beginning of Chapter One!

Ellan is a twenty year-old single mother who was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder at the age of nine. For the past eleven years of her life she has lived in peace, unaware of what happened when she was a child. But after the birth of her daughter she is admitted into a hospital specialized for the ill at mind. During her stay she learns about her past, including the reason she was admitted; because she unconsciously lost control over both Angel and Hellen, two of her personalities. As she struggles to subdue the two she learns that not only are they trying to take over her body, they’re fighting amongst themselves in an exchange of letters. In  the letters Ellan learns the truth of their existence and the danger that awaits the people around her, especially her newborn, Alexis.

Ellan awoke to a bright light shining all around her. She tried to move, sit up even, but found that both her arms and legs were bound to the bed. Her eyes searched the white walls around her. No pictures. No decorations. Nothing.

“Where am I?” Her words came out scratchy.

A door opened but Ellan could not see the body that approach, only the sound of their heavy steps. Her heart pounded hard against her chest. Like drums beating to high pace of dance. Her breathing growing shallow. What was this terrifying feeling that skulked over her body, suffocating her? A man wearing the same white as her surroundings entered in her sight. Assisting him, a tall brunette with a dark brown outfit.

“Where am I?” Ellan asked the man as he spread the skin around her eye with two fingers. With the other hand he shone a piercing light that forced Ellan to shut her eyes.

The man nodded, then turning to the woman he said, “She’s responsive.”

The woman nodded in agreement and then took a seat in a white chair across from her bed.

Ellan heard papers ruffling and saw a faint glimpse of a clipboard. “What is she doing? What do you want from me?” She jerked and pulled up but the restraints held her down.

The man eyed her for a minute and then unbuckled her right hand and then the left. “I am Doctor Alfred and this is Doctor Thomas, she used to treat you when you were nine. Do you remember?”

Ellan rose, her back resting on the cold wall. She looked over at the woman. Now that she had a better view the woman was familiar. “Wait. When I was nine?” She turned to Dr. Alfred. There was only one doctor she visited at that age and she tried her best not to remember that part of her life. It was filled with despair, confusion, and pain. If that doctor was here then does that mean? “It can’t be.” Ellan pulled at her hair shaking her head. “No. No. No. It can’t be.”

To read more of Chapter One, simply click the words Chapter One! Until the next post, Happy Reading and Writing everyone!

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