The Price of Having Fun

Hey, everyone. I wanted to share with you my opinion and experience with “having fun” and trying to better yourself. Like I mention this is all my view-point from what I have experienced and yours or what you know could be different and maybe even for the better.

Here’s a little about myself. I never had a “wild side” growing up. Even when I had my son young I never went out partying or partook in any “party substances.” Nope. I worked and went to school, pretty much it. So when I turned 25 this past Monday and even a month before, I thought I would enjoy this party side of being young.

Let me just say, that ish does not mix.

Nope. Trying to become healthier and setting the foundation for my future career is a lot in its own. And when I party, even if it’s in the comfort my home I get the consequences the next day, which throws my whole planning out the window. Having fun all night and then waking up early the next day is like eating something bitter. It leaves a bad after taste in the mouth. Maybe, it’s because I’m such a noob when it comes to partying all night and then waking up before the sun rises. There’s a limit to how much my body can intake, which is very low. Plus, I’ve always been a “eater”. That’s the battling I’m facing. When I indulge myself with alcohol I overeat by a lot. Another consequence biter for the next day. It throws my whole calorie intake out the window. I sit on my bed and I shake my head like, “Why in the hell did I eat the whole bag?” Because my senses are numb and I don’t feel my body telling me, I’m full.

I can’t find that balance where I can enjoy myself but get back to what I need to the next day.  I’m stuck either focusing on the future or experiencing the now. If I let myself get too carried away with having fun, the next day will be wasted. And if I focused too much my creativity starts to lag and I become bored. My attention span can be short sometimes.

I honestly think right now I can’t do both. As a mother, a student, and a devoted writer I need to focus on those the most, which means less indulging myself. For me that’s kind of a let down because I finally experienced the let loose feeling of having fun and going wild. It’s a let down, but not a problem. It’s a price any one would have to pay when they have children early. It’s their responsibility to always be the role model to their child. I definitely plan to be that role model.

Yesterday, on the way home from picking my son from school, my daughter and him played this unconsciously game of follow the leader. Everywhere Shawne went Leah followed with her hand in the air saying, “Bubba, wait!”

I thought it was cute and it made me realized that they were my fun. Their smiles and enjoyment gives me an ultimate high that drinking can’t even compare to. And the best part about it, there is no next day consequences.

Now, I have to get back to writing my novel and start on some assignments for school. Until the next post, Happy Reading and Writing!

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced –S6oren Kierkegaard

3 Comments on “The Price of Having Fun

  1. That’s excellent. What constitutes a party can be different for everyone. Me? Give me an awesome film or book and some coffee? Man! The party is on!!

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