We All Have Those Days and WIPpet Wednesday

Afternoon everyone, how’s your Wednesday going?

Me? Well, I’m just stirring out of bed and about to start on a LONG day of writing.  Classes started back Monday and the list of what must be done is kind of long for one week, which includes my own writing and blogging.

Yesterday, threw me in for a loop.

I want to say this, though, before I tell you what happened.

  • First; I don’t mind sharing my troubles or happiness. In fact, I’m quite pleased to be honored with lovely viewers that understand and am willing to understand my life and who I am.
  • Second; try not to think negative about it. Yes, I grew up and in environment that is referred to as the “ghetto”. Now, I’m not saying that you awesome peeps would stereotype or anything I just want you to understand and get to know a little bit more about myself and the situation I sometimes undergo.
  • And lastly; remember this all a part of life and growing up.



Not So Awesome Activities

Yesterday, the Fiancé and I had some “words,” with each other. Well, I told him some words and he just sat there with his head and in his hands. To be honest, right now, I am like a broken maiden hiding behind her own smiles and laughs. Every day I wake up, thinking to myself “I have to do better.” Not only for myself but for my children as well. It’s kind of rough but I’ve been handling it like a pro and kept striving with my head high. Because everyone knows walking with your head down means you’re waiting for surprises to knock you on your ass, instead of seeing them come and preparing for the impact.  Let’s just say since my brother moved in my fiancé selfish meter increased to unthinkable measures. Birthday kind of flopped because of it. Yeah, don’t know if it will get better.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. –Søren Kierkegaard

On the other hand, my brother, who’s lived pretty much his whole life in the “streets” finds it extremely hard to do normal routines. And when he tries he sometimes gets pulled over by law enforcements and have to undergo through an unexpected search. Now, he’s been in prison also half his life, so he kind of have a bad face (all tattooed up, not my approval) and background. It only gets worse when he’s carrying around “bad things”. He doesn’t do any of it in my house but I have heard stories and it saddens me as his big sister.

We grew up struggling but that doesn’t mean we have to keep living in the struggle, another reason why education is important to me.  Yesterday evening, on the way back home from Walmart, me and my best friend see two law enforcements. One is driving an undercover vehicle, a seemingly normal car on the outside but still have the technology law enforcements used in the inside. The other a typical cop car. The man they are arresting, yup, is my brother. He was on his way to pick up his pregnant girlfriend from work. Part of the officers duty, they perform a random search and pulls up his name in the system. He has a federal warrant. Luckily, we (my best friend and I) happened to spot him, which is how I got the information.

My day ended okayish in a bitter way. My baby brother going back to jail and my fiancé and I not talking the way we should. Yeah, freaking awesome.

So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about –Marilyn Monroe

Although, no matter how sad and emotional frustrating I was I continued to write. I completed the first draft of two short stories I’m thinking about using for school to self-publish. Yes, I said it. This course is all about Publishing and Distribution and that’s the name of the class. I’m super excited and looking forward to the essentials aspects of publishing stories and formatting them as an e-book.  It’s going to be awesome.

Back to Wednesday’s

Do you know what day it is? It’s HUMP Day!

Yup and WIPpet Wednesday, of course. Today post is brought to you by Eris, the last protagonist in my novel Tellus: Rooted Vengeance. As we all know, to join in on the fun all you have to do is post an expert of your current work in progress, making sure it correlates somehow with the date and then linked it up with the rest of the WIPpeteers, here, and don’t forget to stop by others and see what awesome experts they’ve posted.

For today math it’s lucky seven divided by one giving you seven passionate paragraphs. (7÷ 1= 7)

Ai’s mouth opened slightly. His body relaxed. Without much thought he wrapped his arms around the girl. She sucked in air but he kept embracing her. He felt her breast pressed against his chest, her arms squeezed to the side. Their body heat merging as one. He placed a hand on her head and then slide it down, straightening her golden curls with the wetness of his hand. He kept this process until her body relaxed in his arms.

His embrace was warmth. The sort of warmth she had with Grandma Lia when they cuddled by the fire. Or when they picked strawapples from the forbidden garden. Or when she snuggled with Mikeà underneath the moon until they fell asleep, Mikeà in her arms. She laid her head upon his shoulders. “Ai, I’m afraid.”

He sighed but Eris felt his body trembled. He cleared his voice. “Don’t be. I will not lie to you because it will only hurt me. The odds may be slim but if you have a strong desire to live then you shall. I believe it with all my heart.” He tilted her head back, both their eyes glistening. “I have never known love until I saw the hazel in your eyes.” He came forward their nose touching.

Eris’s heart pounded so loud she thought he might heard it but he simply whispered that he felt it beating just as fast as his. She whispered out of breath, “My grandmother always told me ladies do not kiss and tell.”

He smiled, pushing back a damped curl from the side of her face. “My father always told me the heart gets what the heart wants.”

Eris’s heart pounded faster with that moment. If she was to give herself away to anyone it would be to Ai. To the first and last love she may ever witness. “Do you honestly want me? Me, and not what I ha—”

Ai pressed his lips against her’s in a sudden rush that she felt his breathing stop for a moment. His tongue interlocked with hers until she gave in to his kiss. If she would die this moment, she wouldn’t have died in regret. She had loved. Even if this love was only an impulse played by both parties. It was a love she was willing to accept.

And that’s it for today’s excerpt. Hope you guys enjoyed! Constructive criticism is definitely welcome. Until the next post, Happy Reading and Writing!

19 Comments on “We All Have Those Days and WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Oh, Samara. I’m so sorry for what’s happening. I grew up in a borderline area and lived in a “ghetto” for a couple years after I got married. Bad stuff happens. 😦 .Sending you great big hugs and hoping you and your fiance work things out alright.

    Your snippet is very interesting. High fantasy? I love Eris’ mini-flashback to her grandmother. It gives a sense of safety and welcome. 🙂

    • Thanks ReGi, I’m keeping my finger crossed with the fiance and I. You know how it rolls out here.

      Yes, high fantasy! 🙂 Always spot on

  2. Oh, gosh. I’m so sorry for all that stuff going on. What a huge load you’re carrying, being in the middle like that. I hope you and your fiance can work things out; he needs to work on being your safe place right now.

    Lovely, steamy snippet. Her emotions are so complex here. 🙂 But I love that they’re giving and taking what they need—sounds like their world is complicated, too.

    • Thank you, Amy.Communication seems to lack for better or worse with my fiance. A long talk from his part is well overdue.

      Their world is complicated and a war like manner. It’s all part of a scheme for power and unfortunately they have been drafted.

  3. oh Samara. I’m so sorry you have to go through all of this, and that he’s not being there for you when you need him the most. I hope you guys figure it out.

    This is a great excerpt. Definitely complex emotions going on here.

  4. So sorry for everything you went through. It must be hard seeing your brother going through all that. 😦 I hope you and your finace have a better rest of your week too.
    I liked your snippet too. I hope they find their happiness.

  5. I can only echo everyone else’s thoughts. It’s hard when you see someone you care about struggling in life, and the support you need at home isn’t there. Deep breaths. One moment to the next. Remember that the only life you can truly live is your own. Which, I know, is easier said than done.

    Wonderful scene. Like ReGi, I like the grandma flashback because it really cements her emotions and feelings at this point.

  6. Sorry to hear things are tough for you and your family at the moment. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Nice excerpt. I liked your descriptions of her feelings and how at the end of it she’s being so decisive, choosing what she’s going to do, she’s thought it through.

  7. Whoa.. that’s a lot to go through, I’m so sorry. It’s not just the life in turmoil that’s affected by unfortunate events, those around and connected to that life are also affected.

    As for the story, it’s coming along well. Very descriptive how Eris is feeling with Ai, like she’s marking off one less thing that she has to be afraid of in the future.

  8. So sorry to hear you’re going through that. I hope the words that needed saying were said and that things are feeling better by now.

    Your excerpt is beautiful. I love Eris’ progression to letting go completely.

  9. So sorry to hear all you’ve been through. May things get sorted out with your fiance.
    Really enjoyed your snippet. I’ll be interested to see where things go for Eris.

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