Splash of Crazy: When Alcohol Becomes A Problem

Sorry guys for the missed Japanese lesson. I promise I’ll have one sometime tomorrow. I kind of went crazy last night with celebrating the birthday early. I’ll share the story, I don’t mind, seriously.

So, Monday I will be officially twenty-five. Yeah, smack dead in the middle of my twenty’s. Honestly, I’m not really excited, it’s just a cold warning letting me know how far behind I am with my goals and that I’ll be an adult. Technically, I’m an adult now but I can still qualify as a “young adult”. Simply means I can get away with screwing up my life for a bit. At least that’s how I see it. But since I had my son at seventeen and pretty much worked and schooled I never got to “live the young adult life” the way I wanted. So, Last month I promised myself that I would go wild for a while, just with my Fiancé and my bestie in the comfort of my house, to get all the regret I held in over the years out.

New Year’s Eve I went wild and last night I did the same just toned it down but with more alcohol. For a while I was great! Just talking it up with the bestie about my novel (she beta reads for me). I’m having a goooooood night. Well until I got a little greedy and yes, you may shame me because I shamed myself. I knocked off about half a bottle of ninety proof with some juice. During this time I didn’t realize how stupid that was. The next morning you can imagine what happened. Yup, my fiance recommend a dose of “sleep it off” and prescribed me three pills of “I told you so” to ease the migraine and provided me with a get well bucket for those unexpected moments, where walking to the bathroom is pretty much impossible.

I wanted to punch myself but my body was already beating the crap out of itself for what I’ve done. I slept until about six, which I was then so beautifully persuaded to go for a walk when I woke. I admit it, it was a nice and refreshing perspective. I needed it. By the time we came back I was back to my old insulting self, where I prescribed my Fiancé and my brother a nice large dose of “payback is a b**** ” 😉 I made sure to get them back for making fun of me while I was dying of dehydration and paying for my stupidity.

Getting off track here.

Now that my senses are back I saw the big picture. Not only was I sleeping on cookies and all kinds of toys that my daughter put on the bed. But there was salsa on the carpet, toys all over my floor, bowls and lots of trash bags, which is the strangest of them all. There was even money splayed everywhere. Money! Like, come on, seriously?

So, here I am back to mommy duties. After I finish getting things together here I’m going back to my novel. But only after I clean my room. There’s something about a messy room that plucks my nerve, you know? It’s just not right.

On the good side I have completely learned my lesson and will not be picking up a bottle for a very, very, very long time. There is no way I’m going through that hell of a mess again. Just wanted to share a splash of my craziness to you. Until the next post everyone, Happy Reading and Writing!

“It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can’t remember if it’s the thirteenth or the fourteenth.” – George F. Burns

5 Comments on “Splash of Crazy: When Alcohol Becomes A Problem

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  2. LMBO!! you didn’t have a “hang over” situation there did you? What happened while you were drunk? Where did the money come from? A little table dancing perhaps? xD Good story.

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