Yeah, More Resolutions and Back to School For Everyone

A Writer’s Resolution

I’m a little late with the resolution thing but I thought I’ll do it anyways. This year feels like THE year for me. It doesn’t feel like an every other day feel. I really think this year will be my year. I’m not basing this off luck or any of that, I’m just really determined to OWN this year and make it worth something. I’ve already talked about my two major resolutions that I will be concentrating on the most on my second blog, here. Basically they are to finish my novel and lose about 80lbs. When I say finish I mean the whole Chabang! Edits, revisions, edits, revisions, all that good stuff. Next month, when bills are caught up and I received that nice once a year large paycheck for all my handwork from the government, I’ll be purchasing a Japanese language program from Rosetta Stone. My dream was to always learn the language fluently and this year I want to jump-start on it. So here’s my New Year resolution, major and minor goals that I want to achieve this year.

  • Major Goals
    • Lose 80lbs – Become Healthier
    • Finish Tellus: Rooted Vengeance Book I
  • Minor Goals but still very important
    • Start learning Japanese
    • Write 1,000 words a day (very good habit)
    • Revise already written Short Stories and TRY to get them published
    • Work harder in school
    • Attend school’s creative writing workshops more
    • BLOG MORE!

See, I have a nice list but my prime focus is on the first two. I don’t do well with long lists, kind of makes me dizzy and irritable. On the other hand:

Schools Starts Monday for Everyone! (in my area)

Yup, which means getting up early in the morning and walking in the cold to take my son to and from school and balancing my own writing with the writing and researching I’ll be doing for school. It’s going to be pretty hectic for a while until everything works itself out but definitely worth it. The walking will strengthen my legs and it counts as exercise. So I’ll be doing a little more with my already scheduled workouts. Yeah, me!

And that’s pretty much it. 2014 was my slacker year. 2015 will be my comeback year and I’m definitely going to give it my all! Until the next post, Happy Reading and Writing Everyone!

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