Back to My Novel

Yesterday was a blast but since the partying is pretty much died out until this weekend (birthday is Monday) I’m going back to the comfort of my screen. Yup, that’s right I’m going back to working on my novel. It’s been calling me for a while, at this very moment it’s screaming my name. Thanks to the awesome feedback and suggestions from WIPpet Wednesday I now have a new perspective on writing some of the characters in my story and some pointers on how to write the dialogue for more than one character. It feels awesome to get advice that’ll help me improve.

My plan for this evening is to finish Alastair’s beginning chapters and make sure its fits well into what I’ve already written and then finish the rest of the night with some reading and watching anime. Starting this month and for the upcoming month or so new anime series will roll in. Definitely looking forward to it! All righty, until the next post. Happy writing and reading!

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