WIPpet Wednesday and Bringing in the New Year

I’m back and this time it’s New Year’s Eve, which means partying for adults! Yeah! Today I’ve written two posts one for WIPpet Wednesday and one for my motivational weight loss blog called Journey to Self – Acceptance. That’s a lot of typing for these busy hands. Naw, it’s not because I write daily but a girl can imagine herself in woe, right?


I think all of it people can vouche to this

New Year’s Eve, oh the wonderful counting down until midnight and being surrounded with those you want in your life through the New Year and then kissing your significant other exactly at midnight. Those are a few of the traditions that I’ve learned over the years. I’ve also learned bringing in the New Year tends to possess a certain bad luck about it too. Like for instances, celebrating alone means you’ll actually be alone through the whole upcoming year. No joke, I bull crap you not! Three years straight I spent alone on New Year’s Eve and three years straight I was pretty much alone through the year. Now, don’t get me wrong. I had my son during those years I wouldn’t technically count that as being alone. BUT! Every relationship I found myself in ended pretty bad. Either the guy was a complete a-hole or I was too stuck up to even care anymore. Yeah, I’m that chick.

However, this year I plan to bring in the New Year with my fiancé of three years *wink – wink* my children and best friend since middle school (we had our fallen out but we were always drawn back to each other). And yes, like the hopeless still in her twenty’s woman I am, I plan to party hard after the children doze off into dreamland.

That is the underline word, plan. For some reason bad ju-ju tend to always follow me and something ends up horribly wrong. Man, I hope that is not the case, keeping the finger across of course. Now, my party will be in the comfort of my home and spent with the company of less than five. And for my resolution, well, I tend to finally lose the annoying baggage of weight and complete my novel. What will yours be? Go ahead and comment below with your Bringing in the New Year’s plan. I love to see what everyone will be doing and with who.


Pretty much, or say I’ve completed them 🙂

*Blowing my own Horn*

On to WIPpet Wednesday. So far I’ve shared insight about two out of the four protagonist in my work in progress novel Tellus. Today, you wonderful folks get an excerpt brought to you by Alastair, the only male protagonist. For this math equation will still be pretty simple: subtracting the date by the month which gives you nineteen gripping paragraphs of Alastair and his father.

Their steel clanged as they collided. Alastair was pushed back as his father put all his weight onto the boy. Alastair stumbled to his knees not of his will but of the strength of his father. His knees buckled together as he cursed underneath his breath.

His father laughed heartily. “Not today my boy.”

Alastair was under the weight of the blade. Sweat dripped from his highlighted bangs, down the side of his face. He scoffed. “Today is my day.” He took a deep breath and pushed his weight back onto his father.

His father grinned as Alastair still pushed and when the opening came, Alastair swung. His father dodged. The blade nearly missing his skin as the clothing slit. “You have improved farther than I imagine,” his father spoke.

His wife called from onto top of the hill. “Adam, please don’t carry on as you did a setting sun ago.”

“Carinthia, honey, you’re just in time for my finishing move.”

Alastair sighed. “Right, falling flat on your ass is an excellent skill to be bragging to mother.” He stuck his sword into the ground and whistled. “We can be serious, now?”

Adam’s eyebrow lifted.

Carinthia shook her in disapproval. “No. No. For Heavens’ sake I forbid both of you for making any more trouble.” She crossed her arms, her eyes narrowed. “Ale.”

The name scraped against his eardrums and he winced. Why did his mother give him a label that reminded every one of booze? He hadn’t the faintest idea. What he did know, that it was a label she took three seasons to think of. She wanted it to be special and so it was. No one else was allowed to call him by that name expect his cousin. Not even his faithful wolf.

Randolph paced down the hill to where his master stop. Eyes glossing like melted steel. “You chimed.”

Alastair spoke to his wolf, “I think father needs a lesson of his own.” He bent to the wolf’s level and scratched behind an ear. “We shall show him the fruit of our labor.” He smirked.

Carinthia pulled up her dress, showing her ankles. “Ale, did you not hear your mother. I forbid you —” She started to head down the hill but stopped when she heard her husband’s bellow of a laugh. 

Adam hand was placed on his stomach as he bent forward laughing. If he were a fat man he would resemble a large hairless animal but instead he was as tall as a large animal without the mass. His shoulder’s brawn and his chest and body peaked into shape. He was the third largest man Alastair ever known but the first skilled man Alastair ever met. “Let our son prove his Quil. If he shall yield that monstrous gift to oppose his father, then I shall test it with my steel. Only if you are victor will I acknowledge that demonic ability.”

Alastair eyes narrowed. His fist clenched as his father’s words seeped within him. It wasn’t like he wanted to be what he was. Hell, he didn’t even know what he was. And yet his father had the nerve to spat that verbatim at him that most Officials spoke to criminals and beast. He spoke, stumbling over some of his words. “You will swallow those words as you lay flat on your backside.”

“Ale,” Carinthia spoke, her eyes swelling.

Adam held out a hand toward his wife, gesturing her to stay put.“It’s fine my love, come son, show your father how you tamed that beast of ability.”

Alastair was still scratching behind the wolf’s ear when he’s father finished insulting him. He stood, sliding his foot back so that it was positioned behind the other. Then carefully moved his arm wielding the steel behind him. With the flick of his wrist his blade was horizontal. His body arched forward.

Carinthia frowned, a deep sadness that shown how serious both her husband and her son were. “I won’t spectate the death of a loved one.” She paced up the hill, her gown trailing behind her. She turned once more and watched her husband and son below. And when the ground trembled beneath her, unsteadying her balance, she faced her back towards them and made her way to their manor. “Oh, Heavens, watch over them,” she spoke, praying out loud to herself.

And that’s all for now guys. I hope you enjoyed that longer than normal excerpt. I know I enjoyed reading over it again! If you want to partake in the fun of WIPpet Wednesday all you have to do is create a post with your current work in progress. One of the few rules is that it must relate somehow to the date. Then linked it with the rest of the WIPpeteers here and don’t forget to take a gander at their WIPpet post as well! That’s pretty much it. Oh! I almost slipped. I designed a header for WIPpet Wednesday if you hadn’t already noticed *nudge in side* You snicker, you. What do you think on the design? All opinions and suggestions are welcomed. Well, until next time everyone. Have a Happy New Year and keep writing and reading!

12 Comments on “WIPpet Wednesday and Bringing in the New Year

  1. They’ll need those swords to cut through the tension. I like that Alistair has a wolf, but it might be worth considering that, if it’s analogous to real-life wolves, they have a very different manner with people than dogs do, and generally don’t want to be touched. Of course, this wolf could be different, if he’s capable of speech….

    I’ll be hanging out at home with my Accomplice in Miaschied, the kids, and the critters. No special plans; we’re all usually up at midnight anyway. We do need to get some new calendars.

    I’m finishing up the last scene of my last novel draft of the year. Alcohol and I aren’t big fans of one another, so I’ll probably indulge in hot sweet coffee as my beverage of choice.

    In my part of the country, there’s a tradition involving breaking a Peppermint Pig with a small metal hammer…maybe that could offset some of the bad luck?


    • Breaking a pig for good luck? Hmmm, definitely sounds like something I’ll be interested in and the kids would enjoy watching.
      I was considering that as I was developing his character but didn’t know if I wanted to follow through since the world I created is like Earth 2.0. I do have a question, I probably can google this or something but if the wolf is real close to a person would they allow him or her to pet him or would they still be kind of withdrawn?

      As long you enjoy the New Year with those you care and love that’s all that matters. Nice, now you can get started on the next novel.

      • My ten year old loves the little hammer and the silky bag the pig is places in. That hammer has all kinds of post pig-breaking adventures! And, since the pig is intended to be passed around, everyone gets a turn to whack it – which can be very empowering for small people!

        Annalise and I went to see wolves once. They were from a rescue sanctuary in Colorado, and they were used to being around people, especially their handlers.

        Before the wolves were given the opportunity to come out and meet us, or not (their choice), we were instructed on how to behave. We sat in a ring several yards back, and were cautioned against sudden movement of noise, and forbidden to attempt to touch the wolves.

        I wouldn’t call the wolves withdrawn – it was more a sense of not NEEDING the people around them. Those of us in the audience were more or less dismissed as part of the environment – to be aware of, but not interacted with.

        The handlers, who knew the wolves well, could touch them – at certain times and if the wolves approached. They didn’t want to be petted, but scratches under the chin were acceptable.

        The wolves were on long lines, and,while there was a certain affection for their caregivers, it was very, very not-doglike. It was more like friendship between absolute equals. The wolves did not look to the humans for approval or affection. The alpha female marked her territory on a rag, and her mate came to smell it, and lie on it.

        They were not withdrawn, per se, but self-contained and determining, if that makes sense…

        They were magnificent.

        I hope this helps – of course, you may still choose for your wolf to be more domesticated, but there could be real possibilities in one who might not reliably take commands, and needs to always be approached with a very healthy degree of respect, too…

      • I really did not know and that has actually sparked some ideas. However, I do want this wolf to be domesticated like but you have given me a lot of information for us his pact and how they are supposed to be have. Is there any place where I can research or maybe I should just google it?

      • It might help to watch some documentaries on wolves and humans.

        National Geographic did one a few years back called The Science of Dogs, that dealt with differences in dog and wolf behavior…

        And PBS did something about a man and his new wife who lived with wolves for a year…I don’t remember the title, but you could go to PBS.com and search for wolves…

        Google might also take you to some interesting places…

        I wrote this about the experience:


        Excitied to see where these ideas take you!

  2. Hopefully your celebration went well and all the bad ju-ju stayed far away. I, alas, was in bed by 9 and quite thoroughly zonked out. It’s been a long time since I’ve bothered to ring the new year in.

    Sounds like Alistair’s father might have his hands full very soon. I was a bit lost in the mid-section, though, as far as who was talking. The several exchanges after Adam tells his wife she’s just in time to see his finishing move. But you’ve built up some nice tension and conflict here. And I can’t wait to hear more about the wolf.

    • Thanks! Seems like I need to add some more dialogue tags in there *jots in notepad* You guys are really helping me out and I appreciate all the advice and suggestions. And yes it was great bringing in the new year. It was so much fun I’m not sure if I remember everything that happened. Haha.

      It’s okay I hoped you don’t mind that I party for the both of us. 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed this introduction to another of your characters. One little thing, though. “He had the faintness idea” – should that be “he hadn’t the faintest idea”? As in “He had no clue”?

  4. Thanks guys! I’ve updated it basing it off the suggestions. Shanjeniah, I’m using your awesome advice towards Randolph’s pact. Thanks guys, you really helped me. 🙂

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