What’s strange and yet oddly familiar?

I hope everyone noticed the new theme and headers. If not, I’ve changed the theme and started updating some of the headers to some of the pages. I say the only one that’s completely finished is the page for the series of short entries called One Mind Two Names, the others are still in progress. I’ve also updated the completion of the first draft for my novel Tellus: Rooted Vengeance. What can I say, the story out bested me in more than one ways. Instead of being completed by January 1st I’ve moved it to the 27th. Why the change? Well,

  • One – I’ve been partying since Christmas Eve, shame on me, and need some time to recollect my thoughts.
  • Two – I’ve added some additional information to my story, which lengthen the original word count
  • Three – I’ve decided to add two additional stories that will be told from the beginning to the end and posted bi-weekly here. The first story is already posed, One Mind Two Names, which I’m thinking about adding a little more to the first chapter. The second has yet to be posted. I’m still working out the kinks.
  • Fourth – In the midst of my partying, I am spending a lot of time with the kiddos. You know, the old traditional ways of playing board games and reading stories and going for walks and watching movies together. The good old stuff.

So, keep a watchful eye for the next edition of One Mind Two Names, which will be posted January 10th, another excerpt from my WIP Tellus: Rooted Vengeance coming up this Wednesday December 31st on WIPpet Wednesday’s post, and be sure to gander at the headers. I’ll be sure to announce the finishing ones. Until then, Happy Writing and Reading!

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