Entry One – Speak the Holy Tongue

The drive was all but smooth down to that dark abyss you called home. Why did you bring me here? For the sake of rekindling what you think is broken. Well, I must apologize for my rudeness in advance, this broken connection you are trying to salvage is nothing more than a rustic piece of chain. There is not only one broken piece but several. And still you jaunt on. Why? Do you honestly think that we can be remedied? I wonder what part of your mind convinced you to believe that. I know it wasn’t I.

I loved the way your lavender eye wept. Was it painful when they told you I caused the death of your beloved grandmother? Or should I say… we caused your grandmother’s death. She was but a whore servant hosting demonic potency. How dare she read from that atrocious book and try to dispel me. At the end, you know very well what happened. We both know that all shall perish in the name of the Almighty, including you, my dear other half.

I longed for the day you comprehend this consciousness. And this happy space you created full of smiles and warmth will be recognized as a mere mask that has been concealing the damped and matted mold of truth. I saw the holy extinguished in that beautiful golden left eye as the dark impure purple mist matched its brethren. That eye was not yours to meddle and if you think I will sit here quietly in the prison of your mind then you are wrong.

You can allow those who brand themselves as specialists to run their putrid tests and theories. Yes. Let them do what they please and tell you what they want. Let them dope the part of your mind where you exist. For the part where I inhabit shall not be tamed. Never. As of now I am but a small flame waiting the chance to ignite. Be cautious for I must warn you if you allow their sweet nothings to sway you then it will be your absolute downfall. When I awaken fully is the day you take my place in the darkest depth of the mind. Our mind.

The Blessed One,


To Follow the entries, simply click the tab One Mind Two Names. The next entry will be posted on January 10th.

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